The advertising of bookmakers and online gambling, which in recent years has become a key piece in the sports marketing strategy and in the income achieved by different sports brands and platforms that collect their matches and their news, are It has become one of the hot potatoes of the advertising industry.Countries are beginning to regulate it in a specific way, especially considering the growth of gambling addiction in many of those countries and the multiplication of bookmakers, which will limit how they act and how they are sold. In some markets, the bookmakers themselves are beginning to change their advertising and branding strategy to position themselves in the face of market changes.In Spain, the beginning of the year has brought the process of market regulation as far as advertising is concerned. Leaks and announcements have been shaping how things will be.

The last known about the law in Spain”80% of the advertising that is done will not be able to be New Zealand Phone Number List done and the 20% that can be done will have stricter conditions,” concluded the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, speaking to public television about the new royal decree that will limit the advertising of online gambling and betting houses. The latest data on how the regulations will be, which were leaked to the media at the end of last week and which will be made public officially this week, speak of a list of 100 measures to be complied with by advertisers and media and by fines for those who do not comply with them (the range of fines will go from 100,000 euros to one million).

The new regulations, as TVE has learned , will not prohibit the advertising of the game and, although it will limit the use of football as a lever to reach consumers, it will not do so completely. The rule will prevent celebrities from appearing in bookmaker advertisements (something that has been its lever to connect with audiences on a regular basis in recent years) and will also prevent stadiums and sports teams from incorporating brands into their names. commercial (there may not be a football stadium named after a sportsbook), but it will not completely limit the use of sponsorship in sports. The shirts may include the logo and the name of a bookmaker.Something similar happens with advertising.

The rule will send the announcements of betting houses and online gambling at dawn, as it had already been leaked. Announcements can only be broadcast between 1 and 5, but with exceptions. The norm will extend the time slot for the broadcast of advertisements until 8:00 p.m. (from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.) for the advertising of sporting events. The game will have to start in that time slot: if it has started before it will follow the usual limitations.The ads will not be able to use the monetary claim of bonuses and promotions and the ministry is already working on a specific rule for advertising on YouTube. Banner and print advertising will also have limitations. Banners covering the screen to sell online game will be prohibited.

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