Master in Strategy and Creative Management of the Brand – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences The crisis forces us to increase our ingenuity when it comes to getting ahead. Finding possible solutions to the decline in sales and the drop in consumption are the main objectives of Spanish companies. Small businesses are being the hardest hit by the current economic situation, however, in recent months SMEs have found a new ally: online commerce that is configured as the new workhorse. Merchants have set their eyes on this way of publicizing their products and services in a comfortable, practical and most importantly: economical way. New technologies put various sales tools at the service of businesses, such as the possibility of creating their own online storefronts, offering coupons or promoting discounts.

Until now, SMEs have kept El-Salvador Email List certain distance from the Internet. Some of them dared to take some steps online, especially in the field of social networks. In fact, according to a Postiling report, small businesses with a presence in social media mainly use networks such as Twitter, 78%; and Facebook, by 75%. Below are networks such as LinkedIn, with 30%; Flickr (13%).Some of the reasons why local businesses showed doubts about the use of the Internet have been ignorance, uncertainty about the privacy of information or distrust of the success of certain campaigns. But this trend has changed. According to a report by CiudadMarket, ‘SMEs now have a greater knowledge of the uses of the internet, most of the merchants who maintain a presence on the web have a positive experience and talk to other colleagues about how the Internet is helping them to improve. their returns. ‘ The report of this portal focused on small and medium businesses assures that “It is the positive experience that makes more and more SMEs dare to include their business on the net”. Social networks have served SMEs as a contact with the internet but they have not been a direct sales channel with consumers. However, experts warn that it is necessary to face the needs of each company through three fronts: “visibility, offers and proximity”, details the Ciudad Market report.

Until now, the Internet seemed like a medium reserved for large companies that could afford to have a person in charge to maintain and develop their online activity. But in recent months, confidence in the Internet has increased at the same time that the costs of maintaining an effective presence on the Internet have been reduced. It is no longer necessary to invest astronomical amounts for users to find a business on the internet or for the merchant to make their presence profitable. According to those responsible for Ciudad Market “it rewards strategy over investment” and adds that some of the techniques that are having the most success among merchants are the use of interactive shop windows, location or discount coupons for potential customers. Tools that are undoubtedly a good weapon for SMEs.

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