Over the years, different problems that online advertising faces have been pointed out and that have caused the vision that it can be effective is lost (beyond the problems that the use of certain formats have generated, such as programmatic advertising). Online ads have overwhelmed consumers, who no longer pay attention to them.In fact, we must not forget that in online advertising a syndrome has already been baptized, that of banner blindness. Basically, what the syndrome comes to be is to give a name to that reality that consumers pay little attention to advertising. They don’t see it directly: their brain is not processing that data.And, of course, the critiques of what happens with online advertising and what does not also start from the direct results data and how the ads achieve a very low number of clicks.But is online advertising as ineffective as it might seem? Is this all symptomatic of consumers not responding to online ads or is it just a matter of poor metrics and tracking indicators that don’t paint the whole picture?You just have to think about the question of clicks: thinking that only they indicate that an ad has been successful is quite simplistic. Not all results are achieved by clicking and, in fact, on many occasions the ad is familiarizing the consumer with the brand, even if they do not click on the message that is being served.

The value of branding and Afghanistan Phone Number List brand exposure through advertising beyond clicks, is a factor that has been undervalued and underestimated for years. But without a doubt, the presence of companies and brands in online environments has an impact similar to that of other traditional media or media, even without taking into account the volume of clicks generated. The impact of brands on the internet is really more important than we think. The key is not so much to measure such effectiveness only in clicks. Branding and brand image are also strengthened when they are present in quality media and media that can fit with their characteristics, sector or their own values.In fact, there are hundreds of examples of companies and brands that are aware of this open secret and that prefer to work under lead capture platforms without caring if they really sell or not.

They only look for an advertisement with a high number of brand impressions as a branding strategy that is practically free.Defending online advertising And indeed, analysts and industry experts are increasingly vocal in defending online advertising and its results. Online ads are not ineffective, they point out, and they are not some kind of new bubble in which you are simply selling smoke.Those who reach this conclusion, as they point out in an analysis published by Warc, are starting from positions that are too simplistic. Those who argue that online advertising is not effective do so, they add, because they are relying on too simple and too limited results data. You cannot measure the effectiveness or lack thereof of online advertising using only the direct response data that the ads achieve, because its effects go far beyond that.

And the truth is that this is not exactly new. Advertising does not always have a direct answer and it does not always have the key to understanding that it is successful. “Whether offline or online, advertising has always worked in different ways and has always had different roles in driving sales across different time windows,” explains Gareth Price, who was Planning Director at Underarm Thompson and is now Brand. Strategist on Facebook, to Warc. Price points out that when you talk about the fact that online advertising is not effective, you are really talking about the elements of return measurement (which are limited and should be improved). But just because those methods don’t work well doesn’t mean that online ads don’t.

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