In the big advertising dates of the year, there are a couple of moments marked by what happens in specific markets, but that have a global echo. One is the Christmas campaign, which we are going through right now, in which the ads of the big British brands become the element with the most echo. Another occurs in February, when the Super Bowl final is held in the United States and its advertisements become analytical material on a global basis.It does not matter that these ads, in one case as in another, are directed to a specific market. In both cases they work as a kind of barometer for the global market, showing both spending trends and thematic trends. Super Bowl ads tend to advance what then tends to set the overall advertising agenda and the topics and resources that other brands use in a massive way.Although the Super Bowl will be next February, the brands are already beginning to prepare and the responsible network, Fox, to sell the ads for that broadcast.

The data that they already Cambodia Phone Number List manage and that they have already made public say a lot about the great trends that will mark the advertising agenda during 2020.Fox Sports, the division responsible for that broadcast of the television giant, has already depleted inventory. “We have sold out our inventory for the match in the Super Bowl , ” he explained to Variety Seth Winter, executive vice president of sales sports. In fact, the manager has not only announced the complete sale of all advertising windows but also the fact that some advertisers were left out. Some advertisers, he pointed out to the American media, were left out because “their creativity was not ready or because of their indecision.” Fox will sell pre- and post-game inventory to meet demand.

The data is interesting because, as they recall in Variety , this is the first year in the last five that the chain has managed to exhaust all advertising space. Advertisers would therefore have regained their enthusiasm for big live broadcasts, the ones with guaranteed large audiences.Success, however, would not only be marked by it. The Fox manager believes that the data is marked by the economic situation (more robust) but also by a change in the plans that the chain and the American football league have made for the broadcast. They have eliminated one of the traditional advertising breaks, reinforcing the value of the ones that remain (although they will be slightly longer than those of previous years).

This has also led advertisers to have moved earlier and faster to ensure that they are the first or last ad of the ad break, the most desired.The most expensive ad of the yearThis competition leads brands to pay a lot of money. Starting prices for the ads were $ 5.6 million for every 30 seconds, prompting Fox to close the sale with about $ 400 million in associated ad revenue.All advertisers have paid more than 5 million dollars (despite the fact that the chain makes discounts for the purchase of more than one advertising space) and with this they have become the most expensive ads of 2020 (or, as remember in CincoDías , the most expensive ones in advertising history).

In the coming months, it will be revealed which brands will star in the campaigns. The pull of these ads is such that even before they are broadcast live on television, they are launched on social networks, already achieving a previous echo and becoming viral on a global level. Among the advertisers to be expected are large consumer brands, which tend to repeat year after year, but also political ads.It is not usual for presidential candidates to be announced in the Super Bowl, but Donald Trump, who will face re-election – or not – in the 2020 presidential elections, will star, as has already been leaked, one of the announcements of the game breaks.

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