IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication, Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online Among the greatest challenges that Spanish executives and managers currently face are the management of cultural change within the organization, as well as the optimization of costs and processes (both with 39.5% of the responses), the increased productivity (38.4%) and definition of business strategy (31.6%). Technological changes seem to be of less importance or to be less challenging for 2020 as they are valued with a much lower percentage.

In fact, the least important challenge for executives and managers is knowing how to deal with possible cyberattacks (2.5%).Leaders write the future, whether or not they are prepared for that responsibility. We see  Christmas Island Email List every day in politics, education, science? and, of course, in the corporate sphere. That is why it is so important for a company to find, hire, retain and develop the right people in their key leadership positions. It is, perhaps, the most important job for an organization. Because how many companies survive bad leadership in the long term? Few, if any. And those that do are not usually references where to look for inspiration or example.But what makes a professional suitable to lead a company, a department or a team? How do leaders create the future? What will the world they lead us to be like? Where will they be? Resolving these unknowns -and their degree of importance and repercussion- is the raison d’être of this “Badenoch + Clark Barometer on managers and executives in Spain”.

An investigation in which the responses of more than 400 executives and managers are collected to better understand the current business context and the world we are heading to. With it, the profile of what the manager will be 5.0 is established and it is presented in Spain as the consulting and executive selection firm of the Adecco Group. The values ​​that define Spanish executives and managers Leadership is not an easy concept to define. Not so much because of its formal complexity (the Royal Spanish Academy of the Language states it as the “condition of the leader”, and the leader as the “person who directs or leads a political party, a social group or another collectivity”), but because of everything that involves its practical application.

In the business environment, for example, each person in charge of directing others has their own style and strategy when it comes to guiding them towards a certain business purpose. Furthermore, following certain leadership parameters will be more successful in some sectors or activities than in others, simply because of the large number of outside influences that come into play.

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