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Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. In the Digital Age, consumers have a specific expectation: let them flow until they get what they want. Buy a movie ticket, purchase software for your corporation, pick up a notebook from the nearest store, or become passionate about your soccer team from the stands. All this constitutes the customer experience, and what was previously linear and there was only one way to carry it out, today has been transformed into a multiplicity of engagement opportunities between the brand and consumers. Everything has become transparent in the eyes of customers.

Not only do companies know much more about each of their customers today than a few years ago, but customers now want to Malta Email List know everything about what they “consume” and about the companies that generate it. Today transparency is a value, being – not just appearing – is an asset of brands. The new generations do not think in terms of business transactions, they look for another charm in brands, they want to be surprised, attended full time, taken into account, consulted, they want to participate and assert their appreciations, which involve their opinion about the product or service , logistics, advertising, sustainability policies, packaging, dialogue on social networks and the aesthetic design of the premises. Everything.

Audiences no longer live only from the imagination of a good writer who builds the storytelling of the brand, but they need to touch, see, feel, hence the value of the point of sale. But also the value of the conversation that allows the client to be part and co-create. The experience is definitely two-way. The impact has been absolute in social media strategies, where marketing actions are designed from the various inputs, comments on the fanpage, hashtag campaigns on Twitter, mentions on Instagram, or news shared from Snapchat.

The new clients of the digital age build the brands they want, because they design strategies according to their preferences. That is why companies have become totally transparent to them. So in this digital age that we are beginning to go through, the companies that lose market share will be the ones that are paralyzed by fear of change. Curiously, SMEs are making strategic decisions in this regard, they are very attentive to these changes, they do not think about recovering their investments, but about where to make their investments so as not to lose reputation. They are understanding the new language of great change. They are beginning to speak the language of their audiences.

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