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Master in Strategy and Creative Management of the Brand – UPF-BSM, Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. The term “Influencers” is in vogue. Despite not being a novel concept or something new, its use has been increasing with the rise of the internet and digital media. It is precisely in this medium, where new marketing techniques and strategies have also been consolidated, the figure of the influencer has been monopolizing and gaining prominence.

But what is an Influencer? Wikipedia itself offers us a broad description that can help us understand this phenomenon, as well as that of the different strategies derived from Honduras Email List and supported by the figure of the influencer. However, at the end of the information itself, it offers us as a closing a curious fact “The influence of bloggers and other users of social media is a subject of much discussion”, also making reference to different books and publications where as a conclusion, Many experts are still not completely convinced of the real importance and impact of the new influencers who preach through the media and social networks. In line with all this, I would highlight some recent opinions of recognized professionals such as Gaby Castellanos , who address this phenomenon in a kind of complaint against “posturing” and the false marketing prophets that promise so much or that sell so well without actually having the right true power or relevance to change anything. “Digital influencers: Internet influence fraud ” is the title of the article with which he intends to alert us to the risks and dangers of trusting the growing generation of “alleged influencers “.

The scene of digital marketing and “social media” has ended up turned into a real meeting point for shamans and improvised gurus, It is evident that the evolution and proliferation of the media and social networks has served to provide new tools to professionals. But they have also become a powerful loudspeaker that beyond brands, many people, professionals and even celebrities have been able to take advantage of and use to gain visibility and notoriety. However, not all of them appear out of nowhere with a ” balsam of beasts ” as a recipe and solution for all problems and ills. The scene of digital marketing and “social media” has ended up becoming a real meeting point for shamans and improvised gurus who repeat to us what we all already know, without ever explaining or demonstrating what they, with their magic formulas, have achieved. And, being recognized as an Influencer is cool! It’s the fashion. Appearing in each ranking of influencers and continuing to increase the number of followers to get your chest out is essential. At least to have an argument or to convince himself that, when repeating a “hot topic”, we are seen by others as true visionaries of the “New age” of Marketing. It is evident that this excessive ego cannot be lacking, more typical of secondary actors than of true celebrities and looking at others as over one’s shoulder.

The result of all this, and what happened in recent years, has undoubtedly served to stigmatize an entire sector whose professionals are now labeled as authentic “sell-outs” who must face every day-to-day prejudice that has arisen. been spreading and generalizing. Meanwhile, the open-minded egomaniacs who only talk about themselves, roam freely believing themselves to be powerful resurrected demigods, and what is worse, exercising their charms as if their words were siren songs. Something possible since the false influencers feed on the naivety and ignorance of others.

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