In the advertising strategy of increasingly diverse brands, Amazon has become one of the pieces that many of them already consider key. Investment in Amazon has been on the rise in recent times and advertisers say they will increase their advertising spend on the platform even more this year. But, in addition, the ad spend data shows another trend. It is not just that advertisers are going to allocate a higher part of their advertising budgets to the ecommerce site, but also that each of the ads they launch will be much more expensive.Prices for advertising on Amazon are in the process of going up. It is not only that advertisers are going to invest more money in campaigns in the online store, but they are also allocating higher amounts to it. As they point out in eMarketer, not only the expense in positioning as sponsored products is increasing, so are the prices.

The growth of the investment, as they point out in the analysis, differs according to the Netherlands Phone Number List advertising network whose data is analyzed. Merkle’s clients have increased investment by 63%, but Tinuiti’s by 30%. Although investment growth differs, both networks have noticed that ad prices are higher.The prices of advertising on AmazonHow much more does it cost to advertise on Amazon now than it did in the past? The study’s figures, which cross data from three American advertising networks, point to growth ranging from 12 to 16%. That’s how much the cost per click of sponsored products has gone up.Also, rising prices is not a recent thing or something advertisers have started to see now.

According to estimates and industry figures, prices have already been rising for a few quarters. In the third of 2019, the advertising networks were already targeting increases in a range of 13 to 10%.Curiously, at the same time that this was happening, the prices of Sponsored Brands, the sponsored brands, were falling, although they continue to be the most expensive advertising format.According to eMarketer, this was because Amazon was not able to add more inventory to the advertising format since it was positioned in a less visible and less valuable way for brands. Although one of the platforms points out that the prices of that format rose by 21%, the others coincide in an 8% drop in prices.

Lessons from this data The figures not only allow us to understand how the playing field is changing when it comes to advertising on Amazon, but also how it is becoming an increasingly important scenario in the advertising strategy of brands.The data on price growth comes from data from the US and North American markets, which became the outpost that sets the pace they will follow for other players in the rest of the world. What happens in this scenario ends up replicating itself later in other markets.These data, therefore, possibly show the path that will also be followed in Europe and the positions that advertisers will occupy in the coming months. It is to be expected that prices will also end up rising, if they are not already, in the European market.

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