2020 has been the year of the coronavirus crisis and, in the advertising market, the year in which there have been adjustments and cuts. Many brands paused their advertising investment or reduced it and many media have noticed the impact of a more complicated situation on their income statement.Despite this, the big names in the advertising market have not been affected in the same way by the crisis. Facebook, Google or Amazon were the big winners of the year in terms of investment in online advertising during 2020. The latest financial data from Google demonstrate this trend.Therefore, it is not surprising that despite all the problems and despite all the adjustments in the advertising market, Google has closed a remarkable period.

Its latest financial results, which cover the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, have been very Mexico Email List positive and have been positioned above analysts’ forecasts. Google was hit by the hiatus in the tourism industry in terms of ad spend in the previous months, but data for the fourth quarter make it clear that it has recovered.Revenues from Alphabet, the parent company that groups Google and all its properties, reached $ 56.9 billion, a figure higher than the $ 43.2 billion for the same quarter in the previous year and the $ 52.7 billion expected by analysts.Most of those revenues came from advertising (81% of the total). Alphabet’s advertising division had revenues of $ 46.2 billion, which represents a growth of 22% compared to the figures it achieved in the same period of the previous year.

In some of its divisions, growth was even higher. YouTube revenue rose 46% in the quarter, as, as recalled in The Wall Street Journal , advertisers have taken refuge on the platform amid the effects of the pandemic and changes in consumer habits. In the US, YouTube already has a coverage in number of users superior to that of cable television.The online boom benefits themAs one analyst Haris Anwar, senior analyst at Investing.com, and includes The Guardian , Google has been greatly benefited from the holiday shopping from home (this Christmas consumers bought more using ecommerce) and also for the rebound of the advertising market.

The context, which is being a drag on the global advertising market and for some sectors in a special way (as with traditional media or outdoor advertising), has turned, on the contrary, into something beneficial for Google accounts . If consumers are using the web more, advertisers must be right where they are. Online advertising has become the most desired and its strongest players the most benefited.Still, not everything is rosy for Google. The analysts are clear about it and remember that the company is being investigated with a magnifying glass, as is the case with all the large companies in the network, by the authorities. The antitrust movements but also the growing concern of consumers for their privacy is making the future look less rosy.

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