IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences The Union of Users and Consumers will accuse Movistar before the Undersecretariat of Consumer Defense for alleged misleading advertising and the possible imposition of a service, as a result of a promotion launched by the telephone company. At the beginning of the month, the cell phone company sent its customers of the Ahorro plan (a mix of fixed subscription with subsequent prepayments for which they pay $ 35 per month) a promotion so that they can learn about the benefits of the Ahorro de la Comunidad Movistar plan;

It will cost $ 45. According to the letter that was sent by mail to each user, the company will credit the additional $ 10 between one plan and another for 60 days.Once this period has expired Malta Phone Number List the client will automatically adhere to the Community Savings plan, unless they first call the company to maintain their usual plan. If the client did not request to remain in their original plan, they will have an increase of $ 10 in the invoice they receive in two months, according to La Nación. For the Union of Users and Consumers, the promotion is “misleading advertising”, and therefore will file a complaint with the Undersecretariat of Consumer Defense this week. Precisely that entity was the one that achieved a ruling in favor for Bapro to return $ 30 million to two million customers for the alleged improper collection of insurance for theft at ATMs, On the other hand, Adelco and the Center for Consumer Education also classified the action as “misleading” and stressed that it results “in an imposition of a service, which is not allowed.” For Adelco, the promotion launched by Movistar violates article 35 of the consumer defense law as it prohibits “the making of proposals that have not been required and generate an automatic surcharge.

Company position From the telephone company they responded that “companies can increase their prices as long as they notify it no less than 60 days in advance, as established in the ninth resolution of the Technical Coordination Secretariat. “They also highlighted that “the contract signed by the clients allows the company to change the conditions, and that the client who does not accept the change can terminate the contract. “Horacio Bersten, legal advisor to the Union pointed out that “The action was made by someone who has technical advice to avoid being classified as abusive, but it is. The key is in the term: on the one hand they tell the user that he can to try and on the other hand, they do not let it out after 60 days. It is complicated; it is misleading, “according to statements published by the same morning.

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