Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences. The covid-19 pandemic, the coronavirus, is having a direct impact on marketing and advertising. The fall in advertising budgets is being abrupt, so much so that the media already sees it as a problem. Many campaigns have been canceled, others modified and others postponed without clear dates.

The advertising engines of Ghana Phone Number List the year are also in limbo. The European Championship has already come to a standstill and the industry almost assumes that it will be the same as the Olympics, which should be held this summer in Japan. For now, Tokyo 2020 goes ahead. However, some countries, such as Canada, have already announced that they will not participate and the Olympic Committee itself has given itself a month to make a clear decision on what will happen with this edition of the games. The Olympics were one of the reasons 2020 was expected to be a good year for advertising budgets. And if layoffs are taking place in many other sectors, the world of marketing and advertising does not remain oblivious to the trend, or at least to the fear of that happening. For now there are no clear statistics on how many layoffs have already occurred in the marketing and advertising market, at least in Spain. And, although the media have already made it clear that the situation will take its toll, the marketing and advertising industry has not made any kind of joint statement on the effect of the pandemic. The American press has already shown signs of the state of affairs. Giant Spoon, a powerful independent agency (they are responsible for many popular actions that have come out of SWSX), has already laid off 20% of its staff, for example. In that market, there are also statistics on forecasts and fears of the industry that, in the absence of something closer, can serve to understand what marketers fear about the future.

Thus, the simple majority of marketers fear that the pandemic will end up meaning layoffs and cutbacks. That is what data from a statistic from Fishbowl, a professional social network, which has made an analysis of layoff forecasts among the workers themselves, points out. They fear above average On average, 54% of workers – regardless of industry – believe that after the pandemic and the associated loss of income there will be layoffs at their companies. The average among advertising professionals is higher.65% of professionals in this industry believe that once the storm passes, the company they work for will lay off employees within its workforce. These fears are registered even in the global epicenters of advertising. Among professionals in New York, the global advertising axis thanks to Madison Avenue, 60.3% of professionals in the sector believe that the coronavirus will end up causing layoffs.

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