All the feeback I have receive [over email] indicate that my talk successfully change the way many people are thinking about their content idea generation process, and that was the ultimate goal of the talk: to change how people think,” share Deziel, referring to her recent keynote at Content Marketing World 2020. 3. Engage your audience. Nobody likes being talke at. Sure, delivering a keynote presentation involves you doing most of the talking, but it doesn’t have to be a one-way conversation. Many of the experts I interviewe encourage some sort of audience engagement or interaction to enhance your presentation. “People love to be involve in a presentation.

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Rather than explain a concept to my audience, I find a way to have them experience it,” said Toister. “For example, when I share how multitasking hurts productivity and causes us to make more errors, I have the audience try a brief multitasking Anhui Phone Number List exercise so they can experience the problem themselves.” Did you know that audience engagement levels drop considerably (14%) if a presenter does most of the talking, versus if the audience talks just as much? Moreover, 64% of people believe that a presentation with two-way interaction is much more engaging than a one-way presentation. Presentation engagement also takes practice — just like your presentation content itself.

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Entertainment comes from the performance itself: the way in which you deliver that content and the energy you bring to that delivery. This is a separate skill you nee to practice. Work with a coach, watch back recordings of yourself to identify B2B Lead opportunities to improve your craft, and watch videos of top-notch comeians, poets and other speakers to see what you can learn from them,” encourage Deziel. Lastly, as important as engagement is, don’t let technology stand in the way. While smartphones and polling software can make audience interaction easier, they can also get in the way of you connecting with your audience.

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