Recently, eMarketer published a report detailing expected forecasts for ad spending in six key markets in the region through 2025. For the analysis of mobile advertising investment, eMarketer was supported by information provided by Logan, one of the companies with more knowledge and experience in this field. The profound transformations in consumer habits caused by the pandemic forever changed the world of advertising, both traditional and digital. In this context, the study of trends that emerge and are consolidated in the region acquires greater relevance than ever.A recent report by eMarketer covers advertising spending in six Latin American markets (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru) and offers key figures and analysis of the major trends in the advertising industry, among which mobile advertising takes center stage, as revealed from the comprehensive information provided by Logan.

The economic and social context of Latin America
Research carried out by eMarketer indicates that the arrival of the pandemic only deepened Bhutan Email List the pre-existing inequalities in the region with respect to more developed countries. In this scenario, the restrictive measures adopted by the governments -which hurt both small and large companies-, the devaluation of local currencies and the massive cancellation of events had the logical consequence of a fall in advertising investment both in online channels and offline. In 2020, the six Latin American markets analyzed in the report saw a contraction in ad spend that placed them within the 10 worst-performing ad markets. The study indicates that the total regional investment in advertising fell by 13.1% year-on-year during 2020,

According to the conclusions presented in the report, in 2021, advertising will be oriented towards mobile devices. Online advertising spending in the region is expected to grow 15%, and to continue to rise as consumers adopt a lifestyle where digital plays an ever greater role. In return, the share of traditional media in spending Total advertising will fall, as Matteo Ceurvels (Research Director of LATAM & Spain at eMarketer) points out: “The share of traditional media advertising in the regional advertising market has continued to decline as digital formats become a more integral part of advertisers’ strategies In Latin America,

Regarding the state of mobile advertising in the region, Logan provided updated data illustrating spending trends by industry in 2020 versus previous years. According to the information provided by the company, after the start of the pandemic, there was an increase in digital sales of essential products that helped drive the growth of mobile advertising spending of industries related to consumer packaged goods ( CPG) and retail. In the first case, investment rose from 22.7% corresponding to 2019 to 27.7% in 2020, while spending in the retail industry increased to 15.4%, compared to 13.7% in 2019.


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