Master in Strategy and Creative Management of the Brand – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and the German Federal Association for the Digital Economy mobile division, the BVDW Mobile Section, today announced the launch of MMA Germany as the next stage of their consortium. MMA Germany has been established to continue advancing the mobile advertising market in the country with the participation of industry owners, while also advancing the adoption of global standards, best practices and guidelines, as well as to promote the education of brands and agencies on the opportunities of this industry. The consortium with BVDW offers members of both organizations a better range of benefits, from a greater range and depth of resources and market experience, to a greater scope for future projects and events.

Germany represents a large mobile market in Europe and the world and as a result, it is a prime area for MMA,” said Mike Antarctica Email Lists President and CEO of MMA. “The work that MMA and the BVDW Mobile Section have done thus far, introducing and popularizing their best practices and usage guidelines has been essential. The creation of MMA Germany is the most recent example of the MMA creating Local Councils as a way to support the growth of mobile marketing at the national level and ensure greater benefits to its members. Now we are looking for a way to work more closely with brands and agencies in Germany in order to create an easier and clearer way to implement mobile campaigns ”.With the union of the MMA and the BVDW Mobile Section, the new council has 44 founders and anticipates doubling this number in the next two years. Members will benefit from the association of MMA and BVDW at no additional cost, thus creating an extensive network of industry contacts with whom they can explore new opportunities in the market, share skills, research and knowledge and find possibilities for new businesses. Additionally, members of the BVDW Mobile Section will have the possibility of obtaining regional or global membership, which offers access to the global scope of MMA for companies seeking that level of leadership in the industry. One of the first networking and educational opportunities will be the Europe Mobile Marketing Forum (MMF) which opened yesterday.

This forum that takes place in Berlin, shows the importance of the German market for MMA, brings together 12 of the most important brands in the world, as well as agencies, operators, content and training providers and media companies to share new ideas and discuss the real world of mobile advertising marketing. The German Local Council represents the second growth stage for MMA in Germany, having established a strategic partnership with the BVDW Mobile Section in April 2007 and further strengthening the already close working relationship. Building on the association’s federal success in introducing and implementing the MMA guidelines and demonstrating a more direct contribution of MMA to the mobile marketing industry in Germany.

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