Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories The technology giant and global software leader Microsoft begins a new marketing and advertising strategy with the aim of changing its image and for which they will turn to different famous people or celebrities as standard bearers of their own brand, among these celebrities the popular comedian Jerry stands out. Seinfeld who will appear in one of his ads with Bill Gates. Strong competition from the sector and the growth of other competing companies such as Apple has generated the need to enhance and improve the image within a technology sector in which the concept “Mac” seems challenge the “PC” of the last decades. About 300 million dollars will be invested for this new advertising campaign and the first of its advertisements could be officially presented on September 4.About Microsoft Founded in 1975 by Bill

Gates and Paul Allen. Dedicated to the Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List sector, based in Redmond, Washington, United States. Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses, and produces electronic software and equipment. Being its most used products the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite. Master in Strategy and Creative Brand Management – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company According to a study carried out by GfK , a market research company, the figure of advertising executives from Western Europe.

The United States are among the professional groups that generate the least trust, as reflected by those who indicate a high level of distrust in professionals in the advertising industry, which in countries such as France or the Netherlands is around 80% of those surveyed. In general, the confidence index in the European continent is over 27%, and only 25% in the U.S. The level of trust rises above 49% in other regions of the old continent such as Central and Eastern Europe, Romania and Poland, where advertising professionals enjoy greater credibility.

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