What if you knocked out some professional shots? In a business, marketing and sales departments often have a tendency to shoot each other and go to war. Creative marketing personalities find it difficult to coexist with more outgoing sales reps .If in practice, the sales and marketing teams have completely different jobs, their objectives within a company come together around a single idea: to generate turnover. Yes, if their tasks are different, their missions are complementary: marketing produces leads that salespeople turn into sales. And to optimize turnover, the two departments must work together and in perfect harmony.Make a place for yourself with the sales teams The main tool for allowing perfect cooperation with the sales department is communication.

The means are multiple: e-mail, SMS, slack, meeting Finland Phone Number List even a discussion around the coffee machine. All of them are very effective ways for you not only to convey the necessary information, but also to maintain good relations with the teams. It is important that each service sees the other as a partner and not a snitch .A good way to maintain this link between the two services could be to work in a common space. Or maybe come and sit next to someone from the sales team once or several times a week. Become the perfect liaison between your team and the sales team. This will allow you to realize how their days are paced and the difficulties they may encounter. You will then be more empathetic about their issues and you will appear more accessible than if you are physically separated within the company. It can also be interesting to clarify the role of each person within the company. Often, employees have misconceptions about the usefulness of other services in a business. By clarifying this distribution of roles, everyone will have a fairer idea of ​​each other’s worth. You will thus avoid wars between services which can only be damaging to productivity. digital strategyBe the M of your 007If communication is an excellent tool for working calmly with another department, we must not forget that it is a two-way street. It is therefore essential to constantly listen to the sales teams. What are their difficulties and constraints? And what can you do to make it easier for them? Gather the various pieces of information useful for the success of your mission!

Ideally, to promote alignment between marketing and sales, you need to determine common goals to achieve. Take the time to determine together how prospects should be managed, what actions can be implemented with customers … If the two services are in phase and pursue the same objective, communication will only be facilitated. By improving communication with sales teams, you will have the opportunity to be pro-active regarding their difficulties. You can offer them content more specifically adapted to these difficulties .marketing tool A real Huggy the right tips Become the main informant of sales representatives! Are there recurring objections to the sale? Perhaps you have a tool you can put at their disposal to counter that objection. Thus, you allow them to work more efficiently and your role within society will be less called into question if you provide concrete solutions to current problems. Ultimately, this type of information will end up reaching you spontaneously without you having to go and look for it.

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