Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company Master in Strategy and Creative Management of the Brand – UPF-BSMLearn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. Being innovative, making the leap into the digital age or benefiting from Networking are some of the tips that are offered in the decalogue. The Distance University of Madrid (UDIMA) has recently published a decalogue offering a series of advice aimed at SMEs with the aim of increasing their level of competitiveness. This work has been prepared by the students of the Commercial and Marketing Master and the International Business Master of the UDIMA and in order to carry it out, the business strategies of more than a hundred SMEs from various sectors have been analyzed. The document also indicates that to gain competitiveness, SMEs must use the same tools and techniques as large multinationals, but always adapted to their size and problems. According to the coordinator of this work, the Professor of Strategic Marketing at UDIMA, Rafael Muñiz,

In a market as complex New Zealand Email Database competitive as the current one with a general decline in sales, increasingly aggressive competition and constant innovations, which truly makes the difference between success and failure in the economy of a country is the solidity and strength of its SMEs “, “Some of these issues may seem obvious, but it is alarming how many small and medium-sized companies, involved in the day to day, ignore basic issues,” adds Muñiz. Decalogue to increase competitiveness in SMEs Being innovative : The data backs it up, companies that innovate grow 20%. It is one of the pending subjects of many SMEs. Knowing how to adapt to market changes quickly and efficiently is where part of the success lies. Make the leap to the digital age .- Being present on the Internet is essential. Our online reputation has become a priority. That is why SMEs must enter the digital world in order to interact with their potential customers. And this is where e-commerce appears as an important market niche. Maintain an entrepreneurial attitude .- Entrepreneurship has never been easy, and less so at this time, but nevertheless it can give very positive results. Entrepreneurs are those who make the business fabric of a country acquire greater strength and competitiveness.

Aiming at internationalization .- Going to the foreign market is a resource that Spanish SMEs should take advantage of more, as it ensures future growth in the face of low local expectations. Attending international trade shows in the sector is a good opportunity to sell and compare more intelligently.Benefit from Networking .- SMEs are not used to allying with other companies to jointly create new strengths that give them competitive advantages. However, it is one of the main factors that make a company able to compete successfully in the foreign market or against multinationals. Let’s not forget that “unity is strength”. Analyze the product .- It is important that SMEs know how to identify in their portfolio of products those that make them more competitive. Here there are two strategic variables that you should know how to use to your advantage: prioritize the brand or the price. Focusing on the customer .- The customer has become the fundamental axis of companies, therefore their loyalty is one of the main challenges of the 21st century. Companies must be oriented to the current market, that is, have a deep knowledge of both their customers and the competition. Today the consumer is more proactive and participates in the entire Marketing process.

Promote communication .- Bringing the message we want to be perceived from our company to the market is vital to place in the minds of our clients the values ​​that differentiate us from the competition. Social networks also come into play here, a foot from which many SMEs still limp. Work on the Marketing Strategy .- Only if we know how to act with a Strategic Marketing Culture will we be able to direct our activity to what society and the economy are really demanding. It has become mandatory to act with a roadmap for SMEs to become competitive. Caring for the Human Team .- The staff is one of the main sources of competitive advantage and the main resource that a SME has to achieve success or failure. Let’s not forget that companies are what they are because of their Human Teams and here internal communication plays an important role.

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