Jordi Crespo Managing Partner Hamilton Intelligence Professor IL3 University of Barcelona Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online I read in various media the controversy before the palpable reality that Mark Zuckerberg “only” has spent 4.8 million euros on his new home, when his company is valued at more than 100 billion dollars.

Some even point to wondering French Email List our friend Mark is very stingy, can’t we think that he is part of a new consumer idea? If we capture it in 10 key characteristics: 1. A consumer who is becoming more chameleonic or versatile every day, who is capable of flying at “low cost” and staying in a 5-star hotel.2. That he is aware of the value of the products and of the goods and therefore rational in the search for the best value for money. Price becomes a cross-sectional variable for any segment of the population.3. Those who have resources but lack time, need ease in the purchase process.4. With social conscience since either they invest part of their budget in concepts related to ecology (preponderance of local products, knowing where the product comes from) or they adopt positions in terms of helping others, responding positively to CSR campaigns .5. With preparation at the communicational or marketing level, it is no longer worth it with a brand that offers a passive option but instead looks for those brands that establish a sincere dialogue with the consumer, either through “social media” or through the most conventional communication is a “ProSumer”.6. A consumer who buys stories, be they of success or failure, where he feels identified, hence the importance that increasingly is given to “storytelling”.7. A consumer concerned about their well-being where the concept of an active life, intensive in caring for food and caring for the body and mind (more intellectuality and more sports but also more disconnection and rest) gains weight.8. Connected 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, therefore, with full knowledge of market information.9. In search of closeness or proximity to the brand, being faithful and evangelizing with those brands that make them their own, as long as the brand meets the requirements in values ​​that the consumer has. Buying the brand experience.10. Restless through the offering, just as you can become an evangelizer of the brand, you can be the biggest destroyer of the same, if you do not take into account the attributes, values ​​and dialogue that you expect. By nature unfaithful.

A new consumer scenario where brands must adapt to develop experiences that turn their consumers into potential Mark Zuckerbergs, considering that he is not tight-fisted, but an intelligent consumer. The stage of the “new rich” has ended, the new paradigm of market intelligence is to discover the brand springs that strengthen the consumer experience from an ally and not from the demonstration of arrogance from both the brand and the consumer that the acquires. The times of ostentation have passed away and discretion is gaining ground as a purchase value. Restlessness, changeable, intelligent, rational, chameleonic, demanding, close, connected and timeless are attributes that concern a new relational system between brands and consumers.

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