Inma Jimenez Social Media Consultant Community Manager, Content Manager and Professional Blogger Master in Strategy and Creative Brand Management – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange As we all know, social networks, and by social networks we mean the different platforms that exist, they are used by their users for a great multitude of uses and tasks, from everything that has to do with leisure, to purely use professional, using them as tools to carry out the work of professionals. Since its official launch and its entry into the social ecosystem, back in 2003, LinkedIn has become the largest and most important professional network with more than 175 million registered users in more than two hundred countries around the world, in the that users are all professionals who seek to get in contact with other professionals to create synergies or, why not, increase their professional horizons. LinkedIn: a social network with a lot of potential yet to be discovered.

We already knew the great Togo Email List social network had, we even had data from the beginning of the year that showed that the social network for professionals was 277% more effective at harvesting read than Facebook and Twitter; But now its effectiveness has reached a new dimension. In this way, LinkedIn has become the ideal platform from which to promote content with great potential for success. Use it to give your articles more relevance, more reach for your promotions and even get more followers for your other social networks. To understand the importance of this social network, it is necessary to know a little about the profile of its users, of which 79% are over 35 years old, 53% are men and 47% are women. According to the study carried out by Pingdom, focused on US social network users, Linkedin is the social network with the oldest users, with an average age of 44.2 years. The study has been prepared based on Google’s Doubleclick Ad Planner panel.Belonging to a group on LinkedIn also seems to be a very ingrained characteristic among its users since 81% of them claim to belong to at least one group while 52% of them admit to participating in group discussions. A significant fact for those users who intend to make use of this platform as a means of improving their jobs is the fact that 4 out of 5 members are professionals with decision-making capacity, so it is very positive to have a profile on LinkedIn perfectly optimized and updated, since it is a sample of our capabilities and our experience that is available to any professional who needs to satisfy a need at a certain time.

On the other hand, in the use that is given to the social network, there are differences depending on what job the user is in. For the top executives of companies, the most important thing on LinkedIn is, with 22% of votes, to interact with other professionals in the industry first and of course to promote their company. For mid-range professionals things are different, the main thing for them is to keep in touch (24%) although they are also interested in interacting with other professionals in the industry (20%). For those who have just started in the world of work, it is evident that the main thing is to find a job and in a more secondary way also these relationships with other professionals. Linkedin:

“the network where you come to work Linkedin is not the most appropriate place to tell what you did last night. Here the most appropriate thing is to talk about where you have worked, what projects you have in hand or what your job aspirations are. Here you do not find the photos of people with a funny gesture or at least in an attractive pose, but they all seem to be looking into infinity, with a stern gesture and a neutral expression … another example of the seriousness that prevails in this place. The people who take place in this environment also seem very boring, the comments that appear are not even remotely humorous, it gives the impression that no one is having fun … And that is really what it is about, we are talking about work, professional activities, Better save the jokes for another time.Are we really harnessing the true potential of Linkedin? LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most widely used professional social network in the world. Professionals come to this social network in search of new and interesting contacts in the same sector, but do we get as much out of it as we could? Part of the importance of having our profile properly completed is the volume of users who use LinkedIn (according to data from Findability Group, 61% of Internet users make professional use of LinkedIn, compared to 4% on Twitter and 22% on Facebook) .A LinkedIn profile in perfect condition is crucial, it has a very large weight in internet searches, since if we look for someone’s name on the internet, from the first results we will obtain their LinkedIn profile, it is, let’s say, the Hall of our reputation.

In the Search for professionals For many companies it is essential to contact the appropriate professionals, entering their network of contacts and interacting with them on a regular basis through groups, since at any time we can be valid for any of them when considering starting a new project or simply join one already started. The relevance of LinkedIn increases at times, since it is being the social network that is used mainly to “hunt” talent for companies, however, according to data provided by Findability Group, 50% of Fortune100 companies use LinkedIn to hire to your staff. The potential of your profiles The possibility of being recommended and recommending us to other users is an added value to user profiles, since it enriches our profiles even more if possible, showing that other professionals who have worked with us recommend us. Personal profiles on LinkedIn allow us to have contacts, sell ourselves as professionals, show our experience and capabilities, that others recommend us, join different groups … actions, all of them, that will allow us to more accurately create our own personal brand.

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