Whenever we hear the term “integration” we tend to associate it with social issues, related to the interaction between individuals or groups. This is not bad at all since the communities strive every day from the beginning to find ways to promote unity between the different people that compose it, in most cases.
“I am going to build a great wall and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me” – Donald Trump, Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party.

The reason for so much work to achieve blissful communion between people is simple. Union make force. When the parts of a system work together and in order, pursuing a common goal, it is almost impossible to fail. The best example is given to us by a watch. The time will always be correct if your gears interact effectively. Simple. In the marketing world the word “Integration” tends to be forgotten. Very few companies Ecuador Email List coordinate their efforts on all fronts according to a common goal. To achieve success it is essential to unify tactics and align strategies, we know it. And we forget it, over and over again. The idea of ​​this opinion column is to reinforce this idea of ​​coordination while we fly over the new phenomenon of integration between Web Apps, the communication opportunities it generates and its resemblance to a pizza. Sound ambitious?

If we dive into the definition of the word “integrate” in the best online dictionaries, we will find that they define it as “complete a whole with the missing parts”. To graph this, I can’t imagine a better example than a pizza. It is not the same to see the ingredients separately, sad and immobile on a table than to witness the magical moment when it comes out of the oven, radiant and with all its integrated parts. The same thing happens with applications in the Cloud. Let’s imagine if all the applications that we use every day from our Browser, will work together. This orchestration between tools would translate into fewer technical processes to be carried out by the user, thus more free time. Yeah, that’s how great this pizza from Web Apps would be.

The bad news is that early developers thought of their products as separate ingredients and none managed to see the pizza that users wanted and needed. Because of this, it was necessary to find a way to unify these Online Tools, just as cheese does with the ingredients and the dough. That’s what APIs were born for. An API, avoiding technicalities, is basically a communication bridge between Web Apps. A language through which they can be spoken. But if we learned something from listening to the story of “The Tower of Babel”, it is that the utopia of a single universal language is impossible and problems began to reappear. It was understood that the APIs were not a definitive solution, and that these interactions between applications had to be constantly worked on in order for them to be functional. Thus arose the first specialists in the area of ​​”Integrations” and today any company that offers an application in the Cloud, has several people within this strange world.

“Integrating applications is communicating” – Nacho Crespo – Partner & Integrations Manager at Doppler

Integrating two applications is joining two worlds. Keeping this bridge high requires constant technical work from the programmers, who are undoubtedly the true heroes of this story. Thanks to their work, the end user will enjoy the operational benefits that this new integration will bring. But someone must communicate the good news to the world and this is when Marketing experts from both companies involved appear on the scene. Let’s face it, rarely do you get the chance to present yourself to a new community with positive news that will simplify your lives a bit. It may sound intimidating, but imagine it this way: You arrive last at a party, and you have to say hello to everyone. Uncomfortable moment, but you should not be afraid, since you arrive with good news. Yes, in your hands you have a phenomenal pizza! When communicating this new integration and presenting your product to that strange community of users, you must prepare your best letters. It’s time to use the heavy artillery: exclusive discounts, special gifts, extra features, personalized attention and more. Remember, you are in front of an audience that wants to listen to you and it is up to you to seduce them.

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