One of the direct effects of the coronavirus crisis in the advertising market was the stoppage of investment. Advertisers took a break, either because the market in which their brand operated was collapsing (as happened to the tourism industry), because they did not know what to do in a new and unexpected situation or because their company had directly bet on a policy of austerity to weather the storm.For some channels, media or advertising media, such as advertising outdoors or in cinemas, the context itself paralyzed investment. Since consumers weren’t hitting the streets, advertisers weren’t hitting them either.For the industry, all this was bad news, because advertising investment is crucial and key to the survival of media and other services.

The situation was, in fact, quite paradoxical in some spaces. Some outlets were recording Turkey Email List their all-time audience highs, but they weren’t monetizing them because the advertisers had disappeared.But things could be in flux. The latest data from the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) continues to indicate that the COVID-19 crisis was a severe blow to advertising investment and caused budgets to fall, but also that signs of optimism are beginning to be registered. Although investment remains below what was being spent just before the pandemic, large companies are picking up their spending pace, in a way.

Thus, 54% of large advertisers say that they are no longer delaying their campaigns. Although only 21% of those surveyed indicate that they are optimistic about the state of the market and the future (to which must be added 36% who feel neutral), the percentage of optimism is positive. In June, the previous time the World Federation of Advertisers asked advertisers about their perception of things, only 8% were optimistic.The big winner: internetBefore the outbreak of the pandemic, the advertising market was already undergoing a process of migration. Traditional media were seeing their position in the market weaker and unstable, while digital media had been seeing a rise in ad spend for a few years.

Online, in fact, had already surpassed television, the queen of advertising investment.In the post-pandemic world, things continue in that direction. The WFA statistics indicate that it is in the investment in display advertising and online video (respectively + 6% and + 9%) where the greatest growth is seen. After these areas, the next point where investment grows the most is in influencer marketing.And, in general, investment is moving from one field to another. More and more budgets are migrated to the network and more and more are committed to online elements. The marketers interviewed point out that they are allocating more resources to ecommerce, activation in digital marketing or events with influencers.

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