Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing. We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences. Jose Gabriel García is CEO and founding partner of La Caja Company . He began his career in the technology area of ​​a financial institution, and soon began to develop his own projects as an entrepreneur, which led him in 2013 to create Coobis, a content marketplace that was acquired shortly after by Antevenio.

After three years at Antevenio at the helm of Coobis, José Gabriel joins Publicis Media as Director of the Content Publishers area.In 2019, he led La Caja Company to strengthen its three main business lines: LaCaja * Pink (Influencers), LaCaja * Blue (Content Creation) and LaCajaGreen (Content Distribution).We had the opportunity to chat with him to learn more about his new project and ask him some interesting questions and questions as Belgium Phone Number List interview. The p r i m e r a question is required because of the circumstances, how do you think the crisis may affect the COVID-19 at Marketing and Advertising Agencies? Much has been written during this in recent weeks and it is difficult to contribute anything new. It is clear that it is going to be, and is already being, a severe blow for the sector and many experts point out that it may be the toughest crisis for the sector of those that have occurred so far. Me, the truth is that I am somewhat more optimistic. Most of the data already confirmed shows a clear containment of investment in advertising and the only question is how long it will take to return the previous investment volume. I think it will be a very pronounced crisis, but of a shorter duration than many people think. I am one of those who bet on the exit in V, but obviously, it will depend on how we do it among all the members of the ecosystem. I think, for example, the IAB is doing a great job that will help a lot in the recovery.

Do you think specifically that actions with content are not going to be so affected?Indeed, it seems that this is another of the facts that are already beginning to be confirmed. At the beginning of the crisis, everyone said: “As we are all in closed cases, a lot of content is going to be consumed and it may be a good time for Branded Content and Content Marketing”. That is not so much the case, because most people are consuming content that has already been produced, mainly on streaming platforms, or social networks to stay in touch with their close circle of family, friends and acquaintances. But it is true, that if there is one area that will suffer less, it is that of content. We are seeing it in La Caja Company, where we have had to stop some actions with some clients, In the midst of a crisis such as that of COVID-19, in which consumption and sales in many sectors have been strongly reduced, what would you recommend to advertisers? Continue campaigning just to sell or take advantage of this moment to transmit and enhance your brand values ​​and commitment to customers? I think it depends on the specific product we are talking about. We have clients who are engaged in activities such as school supplies, or food delivery at home, and with them we have focused the campaigns on clearly performance objectives.

In other cases, in which the product has, for example, an offline distribution channel, it is evident that the moment is not the most appropriate to carry out sales campaigns that are highly focused on the product, and in those cases it is a great moment to carry out campaigns. Brand with capital letters, and enhance those values. I have given very extreme examples so that the difference is well understood, but the difficulty comes when we talk about such a polarized situation. When in doubt, in this situation I would bet more on brand and values. Creating a brand always sells. In economics, a maxim is usually used that basically means that in “times of crisis, times of opportunity.” What are the opportunities for brands and advertisers in this new crisis scenario? I would add “Times of crisis, times of opportunity? For some.” Many others are going to have a hard time and optimism should not be confused with goodness. A crisis is a crisis and this is it. Now, if there are brave and daring managers at the helm of a struggling company, the situation can turn positive overnight. Of course nothing that has been done so far is going to be valid. And closing the marketing budget does not seem like it will help much to weather the storm, although I understand the circumstances of those who have had to do it because unfortunately they have had no choice.

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