In recent days, the feeling I had when entering Twitter, at least from the mobile app, was that there were more promoted tweets than previously usual. Searching the social network itself for “Twitter ads” makes it clear that I am not the only one: among the first tweets that appear in the search applying the filter of the most recent ones, there are already those of some users commenting that they are seeing more ads than usual. It not only happens when the social network is accessed in Spanish, but it works at a general level. Twitter is launching more advertising on its timeline.From the outset, the situation seems quite logical.

During the coronavirus crisis, not a few Internet users felt that they spent the day updating the Greenland Email Database Twitter feed to see what was happening and what the latest news was.As they pointed out in Tech Crunch in early June, based on data from two app analytics firms, Twitter was recording record data. The informative news is making users download the app more and use it more. That week, precisely, was the one that had registered the highest historical download of the Twitter app in the world. It was surpassing data that it had not obtained since 2014, driven by the interest of Internet users to follow the last hour.And if users grow, it might seem logical to try to monetize them more (although it also invites us to wonder, without doing so, they will not be “loading” the experience of some users who have yet to attract and retain their loyalty).

Yes, Twitter has more ads right nowAs explained on Socialization , Twitter is currently putting more tweets in the content feed. The social network had been for a while, they point out, expanding the advertising load, but it would have been increasing a bit more in recent weeks. Twitter has given you, when asked, the classic not very concise answer about whether or not you are increasing the number of ads. As they have explained to the medium, they are “regularly experimenting and implementing changes in our advertising experience.” It is a yes, as they remember in the middle, without saying it directly.The movement would be marked, possibly, by the fall of advertising income.

Twitter, as they remember on Socialization , has already launched an alert in its latest financial results (those of the first quarter) about how it was seeing advertising investment fall due to the corona virus crisis. Between March 11 and March 31, a period that entered that first quarter, its advertising revenues fell by 27%.The full second quarter data is sure to be much more dramatic, which doesn’t make it hard to imagine they’re doing their best to cover that revenue in some way. Expanding the number of ads is the classic short-term solution for online platforms.To this we must add that Twitter has just updated the algorithm to make it able to learn faster what the user is interested in and thus adjust the prominent tweets that interest him and that are shown to him. The content thus becomes more relevant to your interests and much more salable in advertising terms.

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