As if it were one of those stories that promoted teamwork in school readings, the different players in the global advertising market (at least, the most important players in that field) have just announced an alliance. They have just come together in a common group to position themselves against the big problems of the industry and offer a solution to them. That is what the Global Alliance for Responsible Media will do, which has just been presented at Cannes as part of the festival and which includes the main heavyweights of the global advertising industry.The alliance stems from Unilver and Procter & Gamble, the two consumer market giants that are not only two of the biggest advertisers around the globe but have been very vocal in recent years on the issues in the industry. To them, as they point out in AdAge , more players in the market have joined.The Global Alliance for Responsible Media also includes 14 other major global advertisers (from Adidas to Shell through Danone, Mondelez or Bayer), the five major agencies and media / support companies such as Google, Facebook or the audiovisual giant NBC / Universal.

Some of the different associations South Africa Phone Number List of the advertising industry have also joined the organization, from the Coalition for Better Ads, so influential on the web, or the American Association of National Advertisers.The objectives of the associationWhat will this body do? Like many other associations and groups of this type, from the outset they are guided by the idea of ​​’good will’ to end the burdens of the industry. It is not that they have given a specific roadmap, but as they point out in AdAge they have indicated that they want to launch an “inclusive working group with specific prioritized steps already under consideration.”That is, they want to work on the big problems of the advertising industry and tackle its most serious problems. Looking at the scandals that have taken over the agenda in recent years, privacy issues or toxic content for brands will possibly stand out.

All these topics are very much on the agenda at Cannes, with talks and presentations on this topic (among them, there will be one by the CEO of the late Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix).Will these meetings be of any use? Will the state of affairs in the industry change when the big players come together for a joint analysis?The impact of the organizationFrom the outside, it is not difficult to get carried away by critical insight and assume that everything is likely to end on paper or mere promises. At the end of the day, it is what usually happens with this type of associations and organizations. And furthermore, it’s not like the industry hasn’t been trying to act on these issues as of late. They have been promising for years to end these problems and not really achieving that much.

However, it should not be forgotten that both Unilever and P&G have been very vocal and very active in acting against these issues and taking action (what is at stake for them is not to waste advertising money) and also that the market It seems to have reached a sort of point of no return at which many of the burdens that have so far marked the agenda can no longer be accepted.Consumers don’t accept it anymore and advertisers don’t want to keep worrying about those things. One of the participants, Facebook, has already indicated, via statements by one of its directors, that the association should be taken seriously.And, after all, as one of the managers involved pointed out: “The status quo is unsustainable.”

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