In the world of advertising and marketing, there were certain professionals who were like a kind of stars. They were the top of the pyramid when it came to the market and they were the talent that everyone wanted to attract. It was about the talented creative, the advertising creative who had brilliant and surprising ideas and who managed to position himself prominently against the messages of the competition. He was the genius who with a spark of ingenuity and creativity found the outstanding element that would position the brand.But many things have changed in the world of marketing and advertising and, among them, so have the professionals who are considered outstanding and crucial. Every time the professionals of the industry have to have more transversal knowledge (which forces them to be in a kind of continuous training), every time they have to position themselves much better in the technological field and that they know how everything works in that field and each they have a job that covers more and more areas. In the 21st century, in which algorithms, new forms of communication and the Internet are dominating everything, the profile of the perfect worker in the marketing and advertising area has changed.Has this also changed the way advertising creative is perceived? Has he stopped being that brilliant figure, that star, dragged by a market in which other languages ​​are spoken?His field of play has entered into crisisFrom the outset, the scenarios in which the work of the advertising creative triumphed and in which it succeeded better in curdling have ceased to be so relevant.

The great campaigns that had Uruguay WhatsApp Number List positioned themselves as the clear example of that talent and the power of these workers were released to the world on television and in the printed press.The press is in crisis (and has been like this for a few years now) and advertisements in the press and magazines no longer have the reach they had in the past. Not only that. Except for very specific campaigns that managed to have a high impact because they were viralized by Internet users (such as the one that Game of Thrones launched a few years ago in the New York newspapers, filling their front pages with dragon shadows), the ads that are in Newspapers and magazines are usually not particularly impressive and especially creative.And, as regards television, this medium is also not at its best. Audiences are falling, the format is in crisis and the ads are the ones who are paying the price for this situation.

Now, in the end, if you want to have an echo, what brands aspire to is to go viral.In addition, and in parallel, the codes of the network work differently and what has to be done on the internet to position the brand is based on completely different elements. In the world of analytics, personalized advertising, programmatic tools, algorithms or artificial intelligence, creativity is still very important, but it is not as important or as decisively as when these professionals reigned in the market as the greats advertising geniuses.Advertising for advertisers, in crisisThis already creates a complicated scenario for these professionals, but the truth is that this is not the only element they have to take into account. The element in which the creative most excelled, the so-called creative advertising or advertising for advertisers, is in crisis .

Ads that are winning advertising awards lately are not always understood or not always able to connect with audiences, making their effects much less positive than in the past. If before this advertising had more opportunities to attract attention, now – in the midst of the avalanche of content that consumers receive every day – it ends up being simply noise.The question is not only an appreciation, but also what the studies say . In the age of the internet, experts pointed out, these ads make no sense. “The problem is that the ads that worked in that setting will not work in short exposures,” they explained. Consumers now value ads that are complicated and mysterious ones that they have to work to unravel less.

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