Advertising investment in conventional media will grow this year by 2.5% according to the forecasts made from the opinions of Zenith Vigía panelists. The forecasts have been decreasing (two tenths on this occasion) as it was confirmed that the first half of the year has had a practically flat evolution. To reach the expected figure, the second semester would have to be very positive, something that, in view of what happened in recent weeks, could happen.The best forecasts correspond to Digital Media : investment in mobile advertising will grow by 10.0%; on the Internet there will be a growth of 8.8%. Specifically, investment in Social Networks, an increasingly important part of the Internet, will grow by 11.4%; investment in Video on Line will increase by 10.9%.In addition to the investment forecast, other indicators are also reduced. The IPSE (Index of Perception of the Economic Situation) falls slightly more than six points and remains at 56.5, a value that reflects a still very positive sentiment, between “good” and “very good” but which confirms the slight trend to the decline that has been occurring since the beginning of the year. The IPMP (Advertising Market Perception Index) also fell a little more than six points and now stands at 14.5, closer to the “regular” value than the “good” one.

For some time now, the perception Turkey WhatsApp Number Database of advertising has been well below that of the economy, something that did not happen before. After the end of the crisis and with the changes that digitization has brought with it, Investment in advertising has to find your new site. But there is one indicator that evolves positively: the relationship between the number of sectors for which investment growth is expected and that for which a decrease is expected, which now stands at 1.71 compared to 1.62 two months ago. In this case, values ​​greater than one are a sign of optimism.As can be seen, all the variations are very slight; We are in a fairly flat market in which it is most likely that at the end of the year the variation experienced by advertising investment will be very small and will be below GDP and even the variation of the CPI.

The Automotive sector, which is experiencing significant growth in sales (9.1% in the first half of the year) is the one that concentrates the highest hopes of the panelists regarding an increase in their advertising investment. There is also confidence in the growth of the Banking and Finance, Transport and Tourism and Food and Beverages sectors. It had been a long time since a mass consumer sector appeared among those that are expected to grow.On the contrary, it is feared that sectors such as Telephony, Telecommunications and Internet, Public and Private Services and Culture, Education and the Media will reduce their investment.The Soccer World Cup and the previous days have supported a certain recovery in investment.

More was expected from the performance of the Spanish team and the consumer euphoria that usually brings a victory but in any case the impact has been positive.Forecasts by mediaThe variations on the forecasts that we obtained in May are not very important. In any case, the two extreme positions remain: the highest growth rates for digital media and the declines for print media.Investment forecasts by means can be seen in the following table. They are compared with the forecasts made in May. The third column represents the direction of the variation. A + sign indicates that the forecast is now better; a sign – that the forecast is now worse; greater number of signs should be interpreted as greater variation:

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