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In recent months, since the beginning of 2008, unemployment has increased throughout Europe, we are in a time of economic slowdown Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List that has caused Spain to find ourselves facing the highest number of unemployed in recent years, a total of 2,426. 916 people in the month of July, according to INEM data. The advertising sector is not spared from this crisis as investments are decreasing in all media except in the Internet sector. This medium is in the process of growth, which has meant that during the first half of 2008 the increase in investment was 74.9% compared to the same period of 2007, according to Havas Media. This fact helps leading online marketing companies to follow their own line of growth.

Internet Advantage , an online marketing company specialized in the education and tourism sectors, which has just expanded its workforce from 28 to 33 employees during the summer; from right to left Fernando, Kathia and Esther (commercial department), Ana (Travel sector assistant) and Marco (Link builder). It should be noted that two of the new employees are under 25 years of age, a fact that contributes to the national decrease in unemployment by 0.9% in young people who are looking for their first job. Internet Advantage is currently in the selection process for another 6 positions.

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