Andrea Pallares placeholder image I am an Off and Online Marketing Consultant specialized in SMEs for more than 15 years. I am passionate about helping …Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange A strategy in Social Networks generally integrates more than one to generate the desired impact. The most common combination due to its strength is that of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin. But depending on the type of business, the market and the objectives you seek to achieve, you can have many more or less. Once you have chosen and drawn up your strategy, you must take into account that success in social networks depends on: The content you post The context in which you publish it (the social network)The connection you make with your followers or fans The community that you are formed

The constancy of carrying out this Turkmenistan Email List circle is what at the end of the day, with work and patience, will lead you to achieve your goals .Now, once at this point, many companies realize the amount of time they have to invest in social networks for them to work and are already aware of the work involved, so they begin to ask themselves how should I manage my networks ? How can I make its management easier? BNW hen we have the necessary budget, definitely the best thing is to have a person responsible for them, either within your company or hiring a CM (Community Manager). But the reality of an infinity of companies is that they must do it themselves, since they do not have the budget or the personnel for such work. Thus, in addition to preparing, they must face the extra workload. What does social media management mean in a company? It involves the use of tools to optimize and facilitate certain actions. They basically need tools to: Post and schedule updates on all the social networks they are working on. Follow and organize the updates of your contacts, and of the conversations that take place in the different online participation spaces. Shorten the url addresses of the content they want to publish. Measure and obtain statistics of their participation in social networks, as well as the interaction generated. Search conversations, interests and users on social networks.

Monitor your brand and the competition. Make reports of your participation in social networks. Perform, analyze or monitor specific events. Here I want to tell you some tips that can help you manage your social networks and some concepts that you should not stop taking into account. The contents should not be the same on all social networks . Each of them has a different personality and is aimed at a market with certain characteristics, for example: if your market is housewives, you will find some on Twitter who like to read interesting information, others on Facebook who like to look at photos and stay up-to-date with popular news, others can be found on YouTube by searching for videos on topics that interest them, the latter being the most visual. Thus, although the segment is the same, some will be visual, others intellectual and others social, etc. You must prepare the content for each social network in a different way, you can say the same thing, but never in the same way. Lean on Social Media Tools. As I said above, there are different tools that can facilitate management, one of the most important is the platform to view your networks and their followers in a single site. The ones I recommend you try (free) are Hoot Suite (my favorite) TweetAdder, among others. Beware of Scheduling Posts . It is very productive to use tools to establish your publications on different networks on a daily basis, but be careful not to exaggerate, no tool will replace you, and the important thing in RS is the? Connection ?. So what I advise you is the following: Twitter Only program links to your blog or other sites with relevant information. No more than 10 scheduled tweets per day. You can also schedule Direct Messages to welcome your new followers, but take care that they are not promotional, that they are really welcome.

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