A very new Infojobs that enters TV for the first time with force. “Always for the better” is the first Infojobs television campaign and the presentation of a new strategy and brand personality created by the creative agency Drop & Vase.Infojobs was and is one of the first technological products of the ’90 – ’00. A leader in his sector for 20 years, he has accompanied many in their search for their first job. But the sector and the users have changed a lot, the job market is different and the expectations of the users as well.Ana Vida, creative director and founder – “We wanted to break with the idea that you have to enter Infojobs only when you have lost your job. Entering Infojobs has to be an active and daily action that allows you to improve your quality of life.Both for a tactical issue of increasing recurrence and traffic to the platform, as well as to change the mindset and give ideas for use.

Infojobs does not want to find you a job, it wants you to evolve in your professional career. “David Freixanet creative director and founder – “It is also important to Brazil WhatsApp Number List show users that Infojobs has evolved with them and that it is THE technological partner they can trust. That is why it has been very important in this campaign to seek insights with which people currently feel recognized and connect them with the new interface and the new search filters. “The result has been a campaign with a fresh, close personality that speaks to you with energy and security, that moves away from the brakes and fears with a clear objective: to give people the courage to finally take control of their professional lives and evolve without fear.In the US market, as many studies have already shown, the duopoly formed by Google and Facebook is increasingly powerful.

Revenues from the advertising market are increasingly distributed and make the position of the other players in the industry increasingly weak (although there are those who believe that in the future the growth of Amazon will displace the weight and make the power of the duopoly be less).Global data also points in that direction. One of the latest studies on the matter, prepared by Warc, pointed out that not only Google and Facebook were already eating part of the cake that was previously in the hands of others, but that in addition to the total advertising market they are taking more and more euros. Of every four dollars that are invested in advertising worldwide, Google and Facebook already take one .And if you analyze what happens only in online advertising, the data is even more shocking, since the weight of these two players is much clearer.

But what is happening in a much closer environment, geographically speaking? What about the European advertising market and the position of Google and Facebook in it?The duopoly in the European marketThe latest data from eMarketer on the duopoly in the European market are also of impact. In fact, it could be said that spending in the Old Continent’s online advertising market will end up in the hands of these two players. E Marketer predictions for the EU-5 market (the five largest markets for online advertising) suggest that 70% of the advertising spending that will be registered in Europe in 2019 on the internet will go to the hands of these two giants.

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