IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication. Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies, To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories In the commercial streets of the center of Santiago de Compostela, just before the June 24 holiday in the autonomous community, the shop windows are already full of messages that warn of the multiple discounts of an advanced – and strange, due to the circumstances – campaigns of discounts. Except for the giant Inditex and some small stores, most already have messages that use discounts as a claim. Santiago de Compostela is, in this case, any sample of what happens in any Spanish city.

Although during the confinement there was talk that perhaps this year there would be no sales, finally the sales campaign has arrived with the beginning of summer and it has also done so with Catalan Email List of previous discounts from the big brands. Strolling down a commercial street in a city in phase two of the de-escalation, for example, allowed to find multiple posters that advanced massive discounts on the sale of clothes. It was the general trend that the industry followed to dispose of the stocks that had remained unsold while the stores were closed. Now, that the traditional summer sales are approaching, companies are using them as a lever to sell, a lever that they are pressing much earlier than was traditional. This early start of the sales has already been marking the previous years, even if there was no coronavirus pandemic in the middle. The sales are beginning each time before and the usual thing was beginning to be since in the last week of June they were already operational.

Even the faithful to the old calendar join This year, even those who have remained most faithful to the traditional calendar are beginning to give up. El Corte Inglés and Inditex are going to move the start of sales to earlier dates this year, which on the other hand have already started in many other large fashion chains. Inditex, in fact, has started it earlier in its ecommerce version than in its physical stores. In this edition, stores need to sell much more stock. “The summer collections were already bought when the pandemic broke out, so the stores are full of clothes and very aggressive promotions are planned,” Eduardo Zamácola, president of the Acotex employer’s association , explains to Expansión. In e-commerce, it is also expected that this sales season will move a lot of activity and that a lot will be sold. CTT Express, for example, foresees that this season will be the longest registered in the online channel, based on the data generated in operations during confinement.

Pressure on SMEs The sales season not only opens certain questions about what the shopping experience will be like in the post-coronavirus world and with many new hygiene measures imposed, but also what impact it will have on SMEs.If in previous years the sales of large companies and the fact that they started each time before had an impact on them and made things more complicated, one might wonder how it will affect them in this situation. At first, in fact, the self-employed claimed that this year there would be no sales (something that SMEs later backed off), to recover lost sales.

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