Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. The three realities that the coronavirus crisis is accelerating in consumption and in brand strategy The coronavirus pandemic has had a direct effect on the lives of citizens and also on the strategy, decisions and results of brands and companies. They have had to completely change how they act, what they position with their customers and what they expect from the market. Likewise, they have had to see how things changed from day to night and how their market was revolutionized in a matter of days. Nothing is the same as it was a month ago .Companies need to know what is changing, but also the elements that are impacting consumer decisions and relationships between customers and brands. The latest of the studies on the impact that covid-19 is having on the markets has come from WGSN, which has analyzed the vectors whose power and influence have been accelerating. These are the three great realities that are accelerating their impact on consumption.

Anxiety and fear This is the first Spain Phone Number List accelerator that the experts have pointed out, the first element that makes decisions are made and how you are acting is changed. Citizens are very concerned, both about right now and what will happen when all this is over. It is not that there was not a generalized concern about the state of things before the crisis broke out, they remember, but rather that the impact of Covid-19 has caused things to accelerate and anxiety to magnify. The citizens have entered a “survival mode”. Given this, brands need to behave with a kind of antidote . They must remain calm and position themselves as a respite from stress. They must also be very aware, they point out in the study, that right now consumers want products and services that create a sense of security and protection. The brands must be there and show up to the task. And, in addition, they must be much more transparent than ever.

Digitization A few days ago, a meme about companies and digital transformation circulated on Twitter. It included several points in a kind of list of a survey about what had driven the digital transformation in the company. In the image they had marked the coronavirus option. And it is that the crisis of the pandemic has pushed companies to digital services. There has been what the studio calls a “tech-celleration,” an acceleration of technology. Consumers are using more technology services, but they are also expecting companies to use more of these tools to give them the most appropriate experiences. It is therefore not only about teleworking, but also about, for example, wanting virtual fitting room systems (such as avatars) in clothing stores. The impact is also noticeable in other areas, such as health, where more digital channels are being used to avoid the collapse of the traditional health system

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