T Jet Li, Gong Li, Donnie Yen, Huang Xiaoming, Carina Lau, Jordan Chan, Louis Koo, Lu Liangwei, Rosamund Kwan… If they co-produce a movie, the box office should not be bad. It is estimated that the filming of this.movie in the year of the monkey will be finished. So they chose to “gather” in Xiangtai’s live broadcast room. In December 2022 to make a call for Xiangtai’s first live broadcast. On December 19, Xiang Tai made her debut on Douyin live broadcast. Its popularity exceeded 800,000 within 10 minutes of broadcasting. And sales exceeded 100 million within 3 hours of broadcasting, and sales exceeded 300 million throughout the day! Xiang Tai once again showed the world the magic power of Douyin e-commerce. The last time he showed such “money money ability” was the boss of Qudian Luo.

Low price is the open secret of the live broadcast room

Because of this, the early live broadcast e-commerce was not very popular. At that time, the core resources of the e-commerce platform were not to live broadcast e-commerce. It was not until later that “OMG, buy it! Buy it!” Live broadcast e-commerce really transformed into a live broadcast e-commerce that mainly brings goods and supplements  China Phone Number live broadcast. It is also from this time that low price. Price comparison has become the root cause of the popularity of live e-commerce. Everyone probably knows what happened after that. In 2018, the turnover of Taobao’s live streaming exceeded RMB 100 billion, and 2019 became the “first year of live e-commerce”. On Double Eleven that year. live streaming rooms became the mainstream consumption method of major e-commerce platforms, and short video platforms also relied on live streaming.

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 Low price is the first law of retail

Low prices are not only popular in live broadcast rooms. but are also easy to use on e-commerce platforms and physical retail. As powerful as  it also emphasizes low prices, which shows the importance of low prices to the retail industry. Looking back at the development history of several major retailers, we can see the contribution of low prices. Huang  won the nickname of “Price Butcher” by virtue of his cruel squeeze on the profits of cooperative manufacturers;  called out that “books are not allowed to make profits B2B Lead  within three years”, “all major appliances inare cheaper than Suning online and offline! The bottom line is cheap, if Suning dares to sell it for 1 yuan. then the price of  must be 0 yuan”; Pinduoduo is 9.9 free shipping everywhere. In fact, even Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, proposed the “everyday low price” strategy in 1962, and took “Save money, live better” as the company.


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