IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchangeOn the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of IMF Institución Académica , the school wanted to look back on a trajectory that began at a time when there were few users who were trained online, until it reached the current one, with thousands of students connected from more than 100 countries that have advanced resources, such as a streaming connection, an 18-screen videowall and the possibility of examining also online thanks to biometric techniques. Several online business schools have been founded since the Internet was born, but IMF is the only one in the Spanish language that has exceeded 125,000 students since then, always maintaining rigor and academic quality.

This has allowed that, to date, it is the Spanish business school that has trained the most students in online mode in history . Now that we have entered the Covid era, many schools and students wonder how to adapt to online? The history of IMF shows that it is always better to anticipate. IMF Institución  Académica was born 20 years ago as a pioneering business school in  the Thailand Email List digital field that, from its origins, began to train students with the support of the internet. Those were difficult times since only 13.62% of the population were Internet users. Already at that time, IMF anticipated the needs of 21st century students, students from 109 different countries who have since completed a master’s, degree or MBA at IMF Academic Institution through its online student centered methodology. His way of understanding online training positions IMF Institución  Académica as the only school included both in the international Youth Incorporated ranking and in the FSO ranking of educational entities that offer online postgraduate courses.In order to become a benchmark school in online training,

IMF has been constantly working in collaborations with universities and technological entities that are committed to training, testing and analyzing the platforms that could offer the best conditions at all times to the student and the teacher and collaborating in its developments. Until 2003, user access to the Internet was less than 40% of the population, which is why IMF offered, along with the online option, classic alternatives, but always anticipated the needs of the student and stood out as pioneers in the sector. In 2016 IMF made the leap to a much more advanced LMS system with great possibilities in the creation, virtualization of content and monitoring of students. This system has allowed the school to be at the forefront of online training, Currently, the methodology used in online training has evolved a lot with the latest technologies. Now at IMF it is possible to provide virtual training with the remote connection of up to 40 students simultaneously through a videowall of 18 ultra-high definition screens known as the Live Room, something unthinkable 10 years ago. Now it is possible to replicate, in a virtual environment, a face-to-face session in a traditional classroom. Teachers can collaborate with students in much the same way as in a traditional classroom, using tools such as: hand raising, whiteboard, small group rooms, chat between participants, and sharing of documents and multimedia content in real time.Another novelty, very necessary in times of COVID-19, is biometric recognition, a cloud service aimed at the academic field, which allows the implementation of an online evaluation model with user verification using biometric patterns. Through the FACEidentity, facial biometric recognition by photography is possible, for example, when accessing a test and during it. In this way, possible impersonations and constant gaze diversions, second persons, additional devices and automatic generation of revision alerts, among other things, can be detected.

However, to make a business school a digital benchmark, it is very important to have teams of pedagogues and teachers oriented to the online methodology. In the words of Belén  Arcones, general director of the school, “Online training is much more than technology. It is the ability to generate learning with technological tools, working especially with material, with technical value and advanced instructional designs, and with content which would be the support point for said delivery. Once defined, we train the teaching team to be pioneers in online training “.Teachers are a key piece for online training to work and for students to be satisfied. It is not only useful to transfer a subject but it is important to direct learning from a distance, generating interest, creating debates and opening opportunities for research or case studies that provoke in the student the need to continue learning beyond what the program itself dictates, because the practical application of theoretical knowledge is essential to generate that learning. In this sense, and to create a virtuous circle between teachers, students and training institution, IMF was one of the first business schools in Spain to apply the Student Centered Learning methodology through which the student is placed in the center of training activity.

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