One of those recurring rumors about what Amazon could do in the near future in the VoD market pointed out that the platform was going to work on some ad-only sustained service. That is, instead of making its users pay for that content (as is the case right now with Prime Video, which is included in its Prime system or for which users must pay) it was going to make them see advertising.Given that Amazon is emerging as one of the great giants in the advertising market and one of the biggest names in the online industry, the move made perfect sense. The large amount of data that Amazon has on consumers would help to segment the ads and make its proposition much more attractive.And now, in keeping with much of what the rumors had been pointing to, Amazon just launched IMDb Freedive. The service is linked to IMDb, the very popular film industry database that has been owned by the giant for a few years.This is IMDb FreediveFreedive has original IMDb content, but also series and movies. These contents are rather in the background. Among the series available are Fringe , Heroes or Sin Trace . The list will be expanded in the near future, according to what could be read in the press release presenting the service.Of course, VoD content will somehow integrate into traditional IMDb. If a movie or series is available on the service, the traditional IMDb user will find a notice on the page of that content that indicates that it is available and free on Freedive.But the key to what makes this service interesting is not whether it is a new offer of content on demand, but how that content will be paid for. Unlike your Prime offer, this service is completely free.

Users have – yes – to endure Hungary WhatsApp Number List advertising.Amazon has presented the service at CES, which was held these days in Las Vegas, and has already opened IMDB Freedive to its Amazon Fire users (who can access directly from the sitck for TV) but also through the desktop. The VoD service is not, yes, available worldwide. If you enter their website from Spain, a message makes it clear: “IMDb Freedive is only available to consumers in the United States at the moment.”Compete with Facebook and GoogleAs Jacqueline Corbelli, BrightLine CEO explains to AdExchanger , the launch could have very profound implications for the market and could make Amazon’s position vis-à-vis Facebook and Google (which already offer free video content) stronger, but also vs. Hulu and Netflix.

“This move by Amazon could be truly decisive in the ‘direct-to-consumer’ war on connected television this year,” the board says.In fact, this is the path that some players are starting to follow as well. Although Google initially tried to convert the content on YouTube into something premium and thus make consumers pay to watch series and other exclusive content, now the giant has begun to test with a fremium model, similar to the one it uses with its videos’ traditional ‘. YouTube offers full movies to its users, who simply have to watch ads to access them. It will also start showing its exclusive content with ads, in a reverse gear from the premium model .

Facebook has already opted from the first moment on a free model in the access to content, both those that circulate on the social network and the professional and exclusive videos for which it is betting. The problem with Facebook Watch is, however, a very bad user experience .Amazon also has a data potential to offer to advertisers that could be a prop and put it in a very strong position against the competition. Unlike the other online players (who know what you say you like or are interested in), Amazon really knows what you buy. That is the data that you could offer to advertisers and that you could monetize on this service.At the moment, it is not yet known – the service has just appeared on the market – how the format will be sold to advertisers or what they may find when they buy advertising.

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