In recent years, the transition to digital has become a real issue for companies. Referencing, content strategy, social networks… These are all elements that can have a significant impact on the image of your company and allow you to generate a large number of leads . In the long term, building a digital marketing strategy offers you the guarantee of improving your visibility and standing out in a competitive world. From auditing your activity and your competitors, through defining your objectives and setting up a detailed marketing plan : discover the different steps to develop a digital marketing strategy for your company.

What is a digital strategy? Generate traffic Jordan Phone Number List convert prospects, analyze lead behavior, retain customers. To succeed in achieving such objectives, companies must put in place a real digital marketing strategy . The latter is defined by a set of actions that will allow you to meet your objectives through digital tools and online marketing. Integrating into the general strategy of your company, the digital strategy consists of several elements such as the creation (or redesign) of a website, the use of social networks, referencing, the creation of content… It is not enough no use a few random channels to have a digital strategy that has impact. To be effective, it must be carefully studied upstream and be subject to an in-depth audit. This work will allow you to define clear objectives and a relevant action plan that is consistent with your overall business strategy. increase your B2B customer acquisition in digital marketing A prerequisite for establishing your digital strategy: analyzing your market There is no such thing as a typical digital strategy : to define an action plan adapted to your objectives, it is necessary to first analyze your market and your competitors.

Defining your target market The SWOT analysis method (which translates to SWOT in French) is an effective audit tool to help you clearly define your target market. For this, it is necessary to analyze the following elements: Strengths : your expertise, the location of your activity, the added value of your products or services .Weaknesses : a bad reputation, insufficient product quality, a lack of expertise or originality Opportunities : the development of your market, the axes to be exploited Threats : new competitors, prices charged, innovative products or services, etc. During this analysis, be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses and take into account your current situation and the future of your business. No need to develop overly long and complicated analyzes: be concise. Your SWOT is above all an inventory of your environment. How to build a digital strategy – SWOT Analysis Benchmark of your competitors and their digital strategy Analyzing your business is not enough: to develop an effective digital strategy , you have to observe the activity of your competitors.

They have the same goals as you: their methods, means of communication and tools used must be monitored. Take a look at what is working for them, and see what actions are having an impact. The objective is obviously not to copy them, but to be inspired by them, even to do better. These elements will allow you to have additional leads for your marketing strategy .Audit your current online presence and that of your competitor Before investing in communication tools and campaigns, it is necessary to carry out an audit of your current digital presence . Where are you present on the Internet (social networks, sites, blogs…)? Do you have a good SEO, a social network that generates activity, a blog with recurring traffic, a responsive site? What content is broadcast? The quality of your online presence matters. Do not hesitate to call on experts who can audit your website (referencing, loading speed, etc.). These elements should not be overlooked, as they will allow you to identify what you can improve and enrich in your action plan. It’s also an effective way to learn more about your audience and what they’re looking for (bounce rate, number of pages visited, etc.).

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