Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies To learn about E-Marketing, identify the strategies, their implementation and their success stories ,The main objective of branded content is to increase brand awareness, building a stable and lasting relationship with the audience through useful content to, ultimately, achieve direct sales and conversion.

84% of digital marketing professionals and 83% of large advertisers use branded content regularly in their actions, according to data from Scotland Email List. The great strength of this format is that it allows brands to establish a stable relationship with users, not invasively but in a natural way. Instead of buying targets, advertisers can generate those audiences through content that they find interesting. Thus, branded content is ideal for transmitting the values ​​of the brand and showing the most human face of the company.

“The objective is to help increase brand awareness and consolidate it so that it lasts over time in a stable and secure manner, without forgetting the latest market demands: to achieve conversions and sales”, explains Ana Moreno, Content Director of Rebold .From there, it is possible to offer personalized content based on the specific needs of each user and their level within the customer journey. The objective is to educate consumers on the brand and accompany them throughout the process until the final conversion is achieved. “The secret lies in offering quality content that users want to consume, so that they are the ones who go to a brand without the need for other more aggressive commercial actions. In this way it is possible to capture the attention of an increasingly demanding public, earn their trust and turn those people into loyal customers, “adds Rebold’s Content Director.


Strategies for SMEs,
While large companies are relying mostly on branded content, Rebold has identified that SMEs are not yet taking advantage of the advantages offered by this format in a generalized way. However, actions can be carried out at a much cheaper cost than other marketing campaigns, making it a very accessible format for small and medium-sized companies. There are ten keys that define a correct strategy:

Achieve notoriety, The main objective of branded content is to increase brand awareness, building a stable and lasting relationship with the audience based on the values ​​of that advertiser. This objective is achieved with useful content, so that users want to consume it naturally. Another important ingredient to be successful in branded content strategies: it must have a strong emotional component.

59% more brand recognition is achieved through branded content actions than with other advertising campaigns. Define the audience, The first step in a branded content strategy is to define the audience, to identify which topics they prefer and to be able to decide the type of content that can attract more to these people, which channels to use, etc. This will allow you to choose which ones will generate more reactions on social networks and increase organic traffic in search engines (SEO).

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