Since the coronavirus crisis began, it has been quite clear that the advertising market was contracting. The different studies that have been carried out during these weeks have been pointing it out and making it clear. Marketers acknowledged that they had paralyzed ad spend, and the media complained about the data it was recording, which made its survival difficult.The forecasts about what is going to happen are not especially positive. Digital media, for example, do not expect normality to return before 2021 and some estimates suggest that about 15% of television advertisements will disappear this summer. But how much money will be lost at the end of 2020 for never aired and never served ads?As always, reaching conclusions is difficult. It is not yet clear what will happen during this crisis and when it will really end.

Although de-escalation Mali Email List processes have already begun in many countries, many continue to fear a relapse or that a new wave of the pandemic will occur again during the autumn-winter season. If this happens, the data could be much more negative.The latest forecast on what impact the pandemic will have on the advertising market has been made by Warc. His study Global Advertising Trends has put into figures the fall in advertising investment. According to his calculations, advertising investment will fall this year by 8.1%. $ 49.6 billion will be lost in advertising investment and the year will close with an expense of $ 563 billion.The estimate is global and takes into account all markets. These figures are also far from what was expected, just before the outbreak of the crisis, which was to be 2020.

The last forecast made by Warc on advertising spending for this year was closed in February. At the time, Warc was forecasting 7.1% growth and earning $ 96.4 billion in new ad revenue.According to Warc, the decline is marked by “severe cuts” in all major product niches. Some sectors will be well above average. The projection of the fall of the tourism industry in advertising is 31.2%. The falls in leisure and entertainment, financial services, retail and automotive are also in the double digits. They will close the year with -28.7%, -18.2%, -15.2% and -11.4%, respectively.The most affected mediaIn general, Warc estimates suggest that those who will be hardest hit by this crisis will be the traditional media. On average, they believe that these media will lose 16.3% in advertising revenue. However, the specifics of some of them are much more negative.

Film advertising is the one with the highest drop and will lose 31.6% of advertising investment. Behind her are the outdoor advertisements, with -21.7%; magazines, with -21.5%; newspapers, with -19.5%; radio, with -16.2%; and television, with -13.8%.Digital media will not feel such a steep decline, but they will also lose money. Compared to 2019, growth in online advertising will be only 0.6%, which makes it more or less flat compared to the previous year. In Warc’s previous estimate, online advertising was expected to rise by 13.2%. Social networks, with a growth of 9.8%, and online video, with a rise of 5%, are the ones that will grow the most this year.

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