Master in Strategy and Creative Brand Management – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. Monographic course on Internet Law at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies, Know the legal responsibilities that exist in the digital environment to protect your company The coronavirus crisis has had a direct effect on company accounts. The stoppage marked by confinement in multiple countries has also paralyzed consumption, causing sales figures to fall and the situation to become more complicated. Many companies have also paralyzed their investment in marketing and advertising during these weeks, which has made the connection points they maintain with consumers have cooled.

The big question that analysts are asking is how this will affect companies in the long term and what impact Swaziland Email List will have beyond the immediate one. One of the areas in which companies could be affected is brand equity. It is not only that they lose tangible elements, such as sales, but also intangibles, such as the appreciation that consumers have of them. Brand Finance data already makes it clear that the impact can be brutal and that the decline in value can run into the billions of dollars. Taking only the most valuable brands in the United States (which are in some cases the most valuable globally as well), they have already established a potential damage of billions of dollars. Exactly, they speak of 393,000 million dollars in joint loss of value due to the impact of the coronavirus. More specifically, some sectors will be particularly damaged. Fashion, hotel chains, banks and airlines could lose 20% of their brand value. Since the study is on US brands, the data is focused on what happens with its reference airlines. Still, its declines in value can be seen as a guide to how this crisis could be affecting its European counterparts.

Delta has lost 9% of brand value, American Airlines 7% and United Airlines 3%.The brands that have gained in value these days Faced with them, e-commerce companies, the media and telecommunications operators would be the ones that would fare better out of the crisis. The estimate is that what is happening these days (and the dependence that consumers have on their services) will make its value grow after this. Amazon, for example, has already seen its brand value rise by 18%. Brand Finance estimates that it is now worth $ 220.8 billion, allowing it to surpass Google in brand value. Its figures are not closed and the consultancy expects that between now and the end of the year it will grow by 4,000 million more.

This could establish Amazon as one of the most valuable brands and in dominant positions. It is not that so far it was not or was not in that value range, but the situation could settle it in a much more unquestionable way.In fact, as they remember in Marketing Dive , the only thing that could threaten this position of brand value would be that their delivery dates are eternal and that they run out of product availability. This could have an impact on your reputation in the long run.In the field of media, streaming companies are the ones that have gained the most in value, although the positive impact has not only reached that field. Instagram has risen in value by 58%. YouTube has grown by 17% in brand value and Netflix by 8%.

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