If not so long ago there were still those who saw TikTok as a ‘fool’ of adolescents, now few will be left who continue to do so. TikTok has become the social network that has managed to grow when the social media market seemed already exhausted to the novelty and it is the one that is setting the agenda of cool and what to do (there it is, for example, the fact that videos have become the bargaining chip for all players in this market).

TikTok is growing in users and is positioning itself in the advertising market. The big question now is how much money the social network will move and how much of the advertising market will it steal from the other players. For brands, the big question is how much it will cost to position themselves in this new advertising environment.

The answer to the latter is Bermuda Email List that already a lot, a lot of money. The accounts of Bloomberg reflect this . The numbers are, yes, about the US market, but despite this they allow us to understand the ambitions of the social network and, above all, how it has grown and how it has positioned itself as a crucial element. That TikTok is here to stay and that it is going to become a determining player in the online advertising market seems unquestionable.

How much does TikTok ask advertisers? Many millions. Right now, the company is asking advertisers $ 1.4 million as a third-quarter fee to fill the service’s home page with an ad campaign. That amount is already very high, but it is not the highest that TikTok asks for during the year.

In the fourth quarter, when the Christmas campaign is fully entered and at the time of the boom in advertising actions, TikTok raises the prices for that same advertising action to 1.8 million dollars. If the ad on the home page is served on a holiday, the figure is 2 million.At the change, they are 1.15 million euros for the third quarter, 1.48 for the fourth and 1.65 for the holidays of the Christmas campaign.

Other sponsorship actions have more ‘moderate’ prices. Sponsoring a challenge via hashtag, for example, for three days costs about $ 500,000 (it is the ‘clean’ price, to which it would be necessary to add later to pay content creators to give it life or the license associated with the music used) .

The amounts are, of course, higher than what you asked for in the past. The rise, industry sources explained to Bloomberg , have been significant. The why is obvious: TikTok has gained an overwhelming number of users. In 2018, in the US alone, it had 11 million monthly active users. Last August, there were already 100. The social network has not stopped growing since then.The funny thing is, however, that as explained from the advertising industry to the economic medium, TikTok is not yet really monetizing that gigantic user base. Advertisers aren’t massively spending money on TikTok yet, so it has a lot of market to grow and a lot of cash to make.

At the end of the day, those same advertisers believe that it is a matter of time before they start to invest in the social network, following the behavior patterns that they have followed in the other social networks on a regular basis (the social network grows a lot, it becomes on ubiquitous and advertisers start spending money on it).

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