In recent years, Amazon has gone from being a residual player in the internet advertising market to becoming one of the emerging players, one, in fact, that is seen to have the capacity to make things difficult for the Google- duopoly. Facebook in the fight for ad revenue. Given that more and more product search processes – even if they do not end in direct purchase on the platform – start in the company, the better companies and brands want to be positioned in their search results and in their product spaces. All this is leading to investing in advertising in the online store.It is becoming increasingly clear to analysts that Amazon will play an increasingly important role in the advertising market. In the US alone, eMarketer estimates that in 2021 it will move $ 5.01 billion in display advertising and $ 12 billion in search.

But regardless of how much Belarus Phone Numbers List advertising budgets tied to Amazon are growing, what are companies spending that money on? What kinds of ads are dominating on the platform?Basically, brands and companies are paying Amazon to have their products appear prominently on the platform. That is, the investment in advertising is made with the intention of achieving that, when the consumer looks for a product, he finds what the brand wants to position and that he ends up buying the products of that advertising brand.

How do advertisers spend their money?The data that eMarketer collects makes it clear. EMarketer’s own estimates indicate that the ads that will dominate ad spend on Amazon will be search ads. In 2019, according to the analytics firm’s estimates, 72% of everything Amazon has earned from advertising will come from search ads.Their data is parallel to that of other analyzes on advertising in the ecommerce giant. Another study, this one by the Merkle agency, pointed out that 85% of all advertising investment by brands on Amazon ended up in sponsored products (one of the traditional advertising formats on Amazon, along with promoted brands and display ads ). According to Merle’s estimates, in addition, investment in these types of ads has grown by 35% year-on-year.

And it is not the only study: eMarketer also refers to another study, this one by the Tinuiti agency, which indicates that the promoted products have grown by 30% in advertising spending and that 88% of the budget allocated to advertising on Amazon of its clients ends there .The reason for the change According to eMarketer’s analysis, this boom in sponsored product advertising would be linked to ad inventory. The space for sponsored brands is much more limited and has also achieved that since advertisers are very interested, prices skyrocket.Many are those who want to advertise but the space is not for everyone. Products create many more brand positioning opportunities and multiply windows of opportunity, making competition less fierce.

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