Vietnam Phone Number ListHertz sends you an email when your plane lands to let your know that your car is ready. Starwood allows you to check in and open your hotel room with your smartphone. Consumers are increasingly becoming acclimate to companies offering such intimately responsive experiences. 59% of shoppers say that being able to shop on mobile is important when deciding which brand or retailer to buy from, and 39% of smartphone users are more likely to browse or shop a company or brand’s mobile app because it’s easier or faster to make a purchase. How can you figure out these micro-moments and design your content to meet prospects’ intent? Tap into your data.

Pages On Your Website

Here are three analyses you should start with: Search: Which queries, ads and keywords are bringing users on different devices to your website and landing pages? Once they land on your site, what types of searches are users on different devices Vietnam Phone Number List performing? Content: Examine the content that users access by stage in the funnel and by device. Is there a trend around what prospects on their phones are downloading? Sharing? Flow: Dig into a flow analysis segmente by device. What is the path mobile-using prospects follow? What is the path tablet-using customers follow? From what sites and sources are these visitors arriving.

Vietnam Phone Number List

Going To Need Landing Pages

After building your trove of micro-moments, it would be easy to think: “Okay, we just nee to strip our website down to the specific things our visitors will mostly likely want to access on the go.” But mobile users are not limite to completing B2B Lead short, simple tasks. The device does not directly imply location or intent. A busy professional may use her commute time to conduct in-depth industry research on her phone, process her email inbox on her tablet while watching a movie with her family, and browse the websites of potential contractors while flying across the country. Confirming this intuition, the Pew Research Center’s study of U.S. smartphone found that 99% of smartphone owners use their phone at home, 82% use their phones while in transit, and 69% use their phone at work each week.

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