ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Master in Digital Marketing Management – UPF-BSM Acquire specialized knowledge to manage the digital marketing of your organization. How can a small company gain a foothold in the market? How can you get relevance online? These same doubts were raised by Professor Rich Gordono, from Northwestern University, who together with Zachary Johnson, CEO of Syndio Social, dedicated themselves to studying how large and small companies are connected to the network of networks. The following conclusions can be drawn from this study: Users prefer the sites in their closest environment Users place their trust more in the websites of those companies that are closer to them. Both to be informed and to know offers, they will always preferably take into account those of their city.

If you want to see how the audience in Turkey Email List environment grows, you have to be part of it, participate in the ecosystem and contribute to its development. Study the closest commercial fabric, know as many of your competition as related or complementary sectors. Find out where your target audience moves, what interests they have, what their motivations are, their culture and traditions. Do not neglect geolocation, the boom in geolocated searches is increasing, and here local companies have priority over their external competition. Facebook has a great weight when it comes to deriving traffic to the web Social networks direct more than half of the referential traffic of the web in small businesses; especially Facebook is the great protagonist. Here also the need to be involved in the closest social environment, to be part of the local community, both online and offline, is glimpsed. For this reason, do not be surprised that in your Analytics account social networks appear as the main reference sources from where your traffic arrives. You have in front of you a great opportunity to experience a significant increase in your web traffic, and place yourself above even those companies larger than yours.

To receive, you must first give The study showed that the websites that have references to the websites of their local environment are more relevant than others of even larger size. This situation occurs when companies that belong to the same community refer to each other. This interrelation makes them achieve greater notoriety, which makes all of them benefit from each other. Do not hesitate when referring to the companies in your environment on your site, you will not lose relevance for SEO, nor will you be participating in any practice that is frowned upon by the main search engines, such as a link wheel. It is simply about helping to make your community grow, integrating into your environment and recognizing its importance to the companies that belong to it. For this reason, you can make explicit mention of their activity, of those facts or actions that are noteworthy, interesting for your users. In this way, you will encourage these companies to also recommend you to your users, thus helping to establish the pillars of a strong community.In short, unity is strength, the little ones can become great powers, in their area of ​​action, if they know how to reinforce their strengths.

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