IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Online or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication Become a professional with the best school to study digital marketing in person or online Recent news about the acquisition of the mobile advertising firm Admob by the company Google seemed to assume that the operation would be successful. However, recent related events seem to indicate that the completion of this acquisition will not be as easy as expected.

The previous agreement Bahamas Email Lists announced last November, estimated this purchase operation for an amount of 750 million dollars. According to the latest information, lawyers for the United States Federal Trade Commission plan to address the government to recommend that the purchase of Admob by the network giant be prevented, arguing different significant reasons for competition, and why it would be raised file a new lawsuit. Despite this information, the anonymous and undisclosed source itself highlights the possibility that the United States Federal Trade Commission could change its mind during the course of negotiations with Google.

The dominance of the google company over the advertising market on the internet continues to grow and expand, which leads to constant monitoring and investigations by antitrust organizations in both the United States and Europe. During the past year 2009, the advertising business reported 17,700 million euros to Google, which represents 97% of its total income. With this new acquisition, the company wants to seize the opportunity to enter the mobile advertising and marketing market and continue to maintain its dominant position in the advertising sector.

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