Google introduces Responsive Search Ads. These responsive search ads combine advertising content with the power of Google’s machine learning to help you deliver more valuable and useful ads.Today’s consumers are more curious, more demanding and expect to do their tasks with greater agility thanks to the help that mobile technology provides. They also expect your ads to be more useful and personalized.Achieving this goal is not easy, especially when done on a large scale. That’s why Goohle just introduced Responsive Search Ads. These responsive search ads combine advertising content with the power of Google’s machine learning to help you deliver more useful and valuable ads. You only need to provide up to 15 titles and 4 descriptions and Google will take care of the rest. By testing different combinations, Google learns which ad content performs best for a specific search query.As a result, people searching for the same thing may see different ads based on their given context. We know that this type of optimization works: On average, advertisers using Google’s machine learning to test multiple ad content see a click-through increase of up to 15%. These responsive search ads will begin serving advertisers over the next several months.

Maximizing utility and performance on YouTube watch over 1 billion hours of video on YouTube every day. Likewise, they increasingly come to the platform for inspiration and information before making any type of purchase.For example, almost 1 in 2 car buyers say they go to YouTube for information before deciding on a vehicle. And about one in two millennial visit the platform to see advice on how to prepare a recipe before deciding on the ingredients to buy. This means that it is essential that your video ads are shown at the most suitable time and to the most suitable audience.Machine learning helps us focus our attention on the results on YouTube. In the past, we have helped you optimize campaigns by improving the number of views and impressions. Later this year, we’ll provide the Maximize Lift tool to help you reach the people who are most likely to turn to your brand after viewing a video ad.

This new Smart Bidding Uganda WhatsApp Number List strategy is also supported by machine learning, as it automatically adjusts bids at auction to maximize the impact your video ads have on the perception of the brand on the road. consumer purchase.The Maximize Lift tool is now available in beta and will begin rolling out to advertisers around the world later this year.Increase in physical traffic with the launch of local campaigns Regardless of whether they start their searches on YouTube or Google, people still make the majority of their purchases in physical stores. In fact, searches on mobile devices based on the element “near me” have grown, according to internal studies by Google and Ipsos, more than triple in the last two years and about 80% of shoppers will go to an establishment when they need to. an item immediately. For many of you, this means that it is essential to drive foot traffic to traditional stores – especially at key times of the year, such as in-store events and promotions.

The company has also unveiled Local Campaigns – a new type of campaign designed to exclusively drive store visits . You just need to provide some simple information – such as your business location and advertising content – so that Google will automatically optimize your ads to bring more customers to your establishment.Get the most out of your Shopping campaigns At the beginning of that year, Google launched a Shopping strategy to optimize results based on your goals. This Smart Shopping campaign helps you achieve your revenue goals without the need to manually manage and bid on individual keywords or products. Over the next several months, we will enhance this initiative to optimize results for multiple business objectives.Beyond maximizing the value of the conversion, you can also choose visits to establishments or new customers as your objectives.

Machine learning incorporates the probability that a click will deliver any of these results to help you adjust your bids accordingly. In addition, it is also used to optimize where your Shopping ads are displayed – on, Image Search, YouTube and on millions of sites and apps on the Internet – and the products that are displayed there. To do this, it takes into account a wide range of factors, such as seasonal demand and prices. Brands like Frigidity, An eBay company that uses Smart Shopping campaigns to simplify ad management to improve results was able to increase ad spend results by 28% and boost sales by 4%, simultaneously saving time when it comes to manage campaigns.

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