Luis Javier Sanchez Journalist, expert in communication and institutional relations. One of the animators of this site IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital  or in person · Double degree · Up to 70% scholarship · Job and internship exchange Master in Strategy and Creative Brand Management – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy.” The consumer is the center of any marketing strategy” To speak of Jerez wine is to make it of Bodegas Garvey, a group that dates back to the end of the 18th century and that has had the Rumasa Group as one of its promoters in this modern society in which we live. Currently, the group produces a considerable volume of beverages (wines / spirits) through its own wineries and which are distributed in fifty countries around the world through its own platforms and associated distributors. For Fran Domingo, its new marketing director, we are going to consolidate our expansion in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China and Japan, through strategic alliances with local distributors. Garvey, well known for her television campaigns, of which her brand Brandy Esplendido has become a classic of Spanish society, Could you tell us about the more than two hundred years that your firm has been, which have been the key moments in its development?

Every great story begins with a birth. BODEGAS GARVEY was founded in 1780 by WILLIAM GARVEY, who in a short space of time managed to Greece WhatsApp Number List make Garvey one of the main wineries in Jerez. When in 1978 the wineries became part of the RUMASA Group, the splendor of yesteryear began to reappear. The entire philosophy of the Group is impregnated in the wineries, focused from this moment on the production of high quality wines and spirits. Its secret has been to mix technology and tradition in their precise proportions, the same principle that has been followed in the rest of the wineries that are consolidated under the sole direction of Don José María Ruiz Mateos. In 1998 the José de Soto winery joined the group, which, due to its idiosyncrasy and history, was similar to Bodegas Garvey. From that year on, Does Bodegas Garvey distribute its products in fifty different countries, how is its promotion and marketing policy developed outside our borders? Thanks to the constant development of brands and the efforts of our hundreds of employees, we are present in more than 50 countries). The objective for the coming years is the consolidation of our wines and spirits in the US, UK, Germany, China and Japan, through strategic alliances with local distributors. In recent years, agreements of this type have been concluded with some of the most important chains in the world, such as Tesco or Val Mart. The penetration and consolidation of our brands in international markets goes through looking for excellent travel companions and being able to offer them the best products at a competitive price. The Marketing department takes care that these products have a differentiated presence and image with respect to the competitors in the target market,Garvey is well known for her television campaigns, what will be the future of her promotions and to what extent will they use the Internet as a method of disseminating their products?

The channels through which we reach our consumers are growing and developing at a dizzying rate. Very recently the Internet did not exist and today it is a fundamental tool to reach a large part of the public. Yesterday mobile phones were only used to call and today ad hoc programs and content are created for that channel. Amid so much advertising saturation, getting a hole in the mind of the consumer is very difficult. It is true that the more traditional channels, newspapers, magazines, television, etc., are trying to update themselves and offer advertisers new formats and ways to reach their audience. For this reason, these channels continue to be, especially for lesser-known brands, necessary to reach a large group of consumers in an effective way. In our case we want to continue using these media and at the same time enter with some of our brands in the exploitation of other channels such as the Internet. But the key is in the way we are going to communicate on this channel and with which brands we are going to do it to achieve a true impact (remember that although the Internet is characterized by speed and immediacy, it is a very saturated medium).How was the experience of launching the first Spanish canned wine, one year after this launch? All innovation, no matter how well tested, is still a bet whose development is uncertain. Canned wine is a product with unlimited possibilities, although it has the seasonal factor against it. It is, of course, an innovative product that breaks with socio-cultural norms in wine consumption habits. Red and white wine are young wines of a modern cut, in accordance with the type of format and intended for new ways of consuming wine, where the previous bottle format was not worth or was uncomfortable. The positive characteristics of the product, as well as its quality, have been highly valued by distributors, hoteliers and consumers. After a year, Marketing experts are already talking about one-to-one marketing, closer to the consumer. What experience does Bodegas Garvey have in this regard?

In my opinion, Marketing has its reason for being in the consumer and this should be at the center of all their actions. The channel and language to use will depend on the way you address it (individual or collective). The saturation that I mentioned earlier makes the effectiveness of advertising messages much greater when you are able to individualize and personalize them, hence the importance that one-to-one marketing has had for a few years and the actions or concepts that revolve around the In the Garvey group we are working on consolidating what would be the first requirement to establish a good one-to-one Marketing policy, which is a database of our consumers. We have a powerful database of clients and distributors, what has allowed us up to now to develop CRM aimed at them, and that have had tremendous effectiveness. During the last months we are trying to incorporate Direct Marketing in our toolbox, an action that happens, as I said, by consolidating a structured, classified and, above all, numerous consumer base so that the one to one makes sense and justification .We are now talking about times of crisis, is a recession in the sales of your group expected, or are we already talking about a highly seasonally adjusted specific consumption?

The Garvey Group has a portfolio that includes different products and brands. These range from Sherry Wines, which have a seasonal and regionalized consumption, to liqueurs such as Brandy, whose consumption is much more widespread both temporally and geographically. At the same time, our objective has been to offer products of the best quality and image in each of the price segments where we compete, so the crisis may increase the sales of some products positioned in other price segments different from the current ones. . At the moment, at the consumer level, this crisis is not being noticed, although the first signs are beginning to be seen in some channels such as the hospitality industry. However, in a product like the one at hand,Brandy Esplendido is a well-known product in such a way that the brand is already used in regular conversations, did you expect this success with this product?The truth is that the story of Esplendido is a succession of successes and successes, although expected, are never guaranteed. You have to work a lot to consolidate a brand in the market. Within the fragmented brandy market, Espléndido has known from the beginning to position itself and address a very specific audience that has welcomed it and has become part of their daily lives. Today, the Garvey Group continues to bet on the brand and its values ​​and differentiation through all available means and being very faithful to its history and quality. We can say that Splendid is one of the few products that are not only part of the history of our country but also advances to be very present in its future.

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