The year 2022 is so strange: it makes people deeply feel the chill of consumption, but it also becomes the starting point of letting go; it welcomes the first batch of lively post-00 college students, and also witnesses the middle-aged working people who are in a dilemma; it is Ali’s Cost reduction and efficiency increase, Tencent’s “version number death”, Byte’s “local” ambitions, physical strategy, and Pinduoduo’s cross-sea campaign, there are too many important slices in the Internet world this year. This year: Ali is 23 years old, Tencent is 24 years old,  years old, and Meituan is 11 years old. Even Internet upstarts Byte and Pinduoduo are 10 years old and Pinduoduo are 8 years old respectively.

Win the young, win the world

In the plot of 2022, there is not only the cold weather, but also the story of adversity forcing the giants to grow new skills: the Internet heroes began to re-plan and examine their own investment business, and adjusted their China Phone Number growth path under the new development logic. These alert giants are keen to  the “opportunities in the cold”, and are ready to fight at any time. However, the market’s investment and valuation logic for Chinese concept stocks has quietly changed. Capital no longer has the patience to listen to the story of “strategic loss for growth”, and instead pays more attention to the profitability of the platform.

China Phone Number
China Phone Number

Douyin: a “catfish” that changes the direction of the tide

The penetration rate of young consumers under the age of 24 on the Taoxi platform is as high as 90%, and the ARPU is growing rapidly. During Double Eleven this year, Chuuxue, president of Alibaba’s Taobao Tmall Industry Development and Operations Center, shared a set of data. As of November 10, Tmall Double 11 ran out 148 trending categories B2B Lead with a turnover growth of over 100%: Emerging sports such as skateboarding, Frisbee, and Luchong, as well as new experiential consumption such as XR equipment, smart kitchen appliances, and electric scraping instruments, are all accelerating growth. Toys, pets, sports and outdoors, and jewelry have become the “new four King Kong” industries.



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