With the appearance of new technologies and the increase in consumers’ interest in them, new professions have emerged, particularly those of digital marketing. Also called digital marketing or e-marketing, digital marketing refers to all the marketing actions implemented on digital media . Be careful, however, digital marketing is not a synonym of web marketing! Although it relies primarily on the web, digital marketing also uses other digital media. Discover in this article what digital marketing is used for and what actions to develop to optimize your online presence. What is digital marketing for? Today, digital is becoming an essential channel for business communication .

It also allows them Ivory Coast Phone Number List communicate with their target audience and improve their brand image, by increasing their e-reputation. As consumers are more and more present in the digital world, it is a channel that should not be neglected, especially since it provides advantages that companies can no longer do without. In addition to making possible the online sale of products and services, digital marketing allows companies to gain visibility and therefore, to be found more easily by potential customers. It is therefore the engine of growth in website traffic. Indeed, by developing an attractive website and knowing how to optimize it, you increase the number of leads who browse your site daily. This then allows you to acquire new contacts that you might not have had access to without a digital presence. You are then able to deploy an adapted communication strategy, to feed your leads with content and make them mature in their purchasing journey.

Digital marketing also makes it possible to create a real community around the brand. Customer loyalty is then simplified. The company can indeed establish a strong relationship with its prospects and customers, in particular thanks to social networks. As a result, digital marketing makes it possible to develop the notoriety of a company as well as its customer acquisition rate, by giving it the opportunity to stay in permanent contact with its target. increase your B2B customer acquisition in digital marketing Methods used in digital marketing In order to increase a company’s traffic, develop its brand awareness and ensure that it takes advantage of all the other advantages mentioned above, there are many actions that can be put in place in a digital marketing strategy. In order to achieve convincing results, the company can rely on a number of techniques. Overview of Action s to deploy for effective digital marketing strategy. Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) combines SEO and SEA. This technique aims to optimize a website so that it can benefit from better positioning in search engines and thus generate more traffic. SEO, or free referencing, consists of optimizing the content of a site or a blog. It is mainly based on the definition of keywords and on the optimization of internal networking and external links to a website. SEA, or paid referencing, consists of using commercial links to promote a website. This happens through Google Adwords ads, which is an auction system through which businesses set the cost per click they want.

Thus, the best bids win the right to appear upstream of the naturally referenced links, to allow the site to obtain better visibility. Read also: What is SEA? Content marketing Content marketing consists of developing and promoting content on your website, and more specifically on your blog, in order to generate quality leads. This technique aims to respond to the problems of your buyers personas , by offering them interesting and quality content. Content marketing can focus on the creation of content in various forms: blog articles, webinars, white papers, customer cases, etc.

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