ACL Direct Promo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Master in Strategy and Creative Management of the Brand – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. Facua-Consumidores en Acción recommended today to “save the advertising” launched by travel agencies in which they commit to the consumer to return the difference if another company improves its offer and advised keeping the advertising catalogs and press advertisements to claim and ” to be able to demand if there is any breach “of what was contracted.

Speaking to Europa Press Television Armenia Email Lists the spokesperson for Facua in Andalusia, Rubén Sánchez, explained that this year, “as a novelty”, some travel agencies are advertising this type of offer to refund the difference if the contracted service is found, a A practice that, in his opinion, seeks to “capture and hook” the user “to sign now instead of waiting.” Thus, he advised “save that publicity and probe the market. “In this sense, he stated that in the case of “some price drop” in a vacation package by the travel agency or by another of the competition, “the data will have to be provided to demand compliance with the advertising. “However, he assured that “any” advertising offer has a “contractual” value so that, in addition, “everything that” the agency “tells in writing” must be required.

It is not worth the verbal information that any travel agency can give us, because if we do not keep that in writing we will not be able to demand if there is any breach of what was promised,” he said. Finally, he recalled that in the event of any anomaly in relation to the breach of those offered in the advertising or in the contract, the user has the right to claim “on the fly”. Thus, he argued that if the hotel does not meet the contracted characteristics, “you can request a change of hotel.” On the contrary, if the problem is not solved or if the solution “does not reach the contracted quality level,” the return of a part of the money in proportion to the damage caused may be required.

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