A new change in the rules of the Facebook feed game? Yes, it is what is coming. This time, yes, it is not a change in what the organic part touches, but an adjustment in the “section” of payment. Facebook is changing the rules of the game for advertisers and forcing them to change how they create their creatives.The changes have, at first glance, a certain logic. As advanced in Digiday , Facebook is going to modify the guidelines for the ads it serves in its mobile feed. From now on, the size of the image will be smaller, as well as the amount of text that it will allow to include in those ads.Until now, ads for the mobile feed could include seven lines of text, but after the change takes effect, only three lines of text will be displayed (although you can include a click to learn more).

The type of image that can be added will also change (it will go from 2: 3 to 4: 5).The changes Nepal Phone Number List will be effective, according to an agency executive who has already had access to the information, on August 19.Why change how ads are servedWhy has Facebook made this adjustment? Basically, it’s about driving an improvement in the quality of your ads. This is what industry sources point out to Digiday and what can be concluded by reading the testimonials and data they point to. Facebook wants to attract more advertisers and also get more money from them (Facebook ads are getting more and more expensive).For this, you need ads that work (advertisers do not go en masse to an advertising scenario in which they do not get results …) and for the advertising to impact it has to be good.

The marketers with whom the British media has spoken point out that with the movement Facebook is forcing better ads to be made, with better engagement.By reducing the text and modifying the environment, it is more necessary than before that the ad copy be of quality. In addition, by reducing space, marketers will have to prioritize and put in the ad what they really want to highlight. Ultimately, they are required to make the message relevant.What bothers marketers about thisSo in general, could you say that the movement has a potential to connect with marketers? but as it seems that always happens with the changes that Facebook makes, its management has aroused criticism.

Facebook hasn’t released any official notice (and hasn’t responded to Digiday’s questions, either ). The change has been publicly known through a tweet from the marketer that has functioned as the main source, which, as some marketers point out to the British media, is one more example of Facebook’s lack of transparency.That is, in general, one of the recurring complaints that marketers have regarding the social network (and with the internet giants in general), since they are at the mercy of their decisions and their changes, but not that’s why Facebook makes things easier for them by anticipating where they are going to go.

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