ESERP · Master in Marketing and Commercial Innovation in Madrid  If you like new technologies and social networks you will learn to create marketing strategies ESERP · Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media in Barcelona You will learn to segment users and consumers with new technologies and Social Networks Companies are increasingly seeking to incorporate university professionals into their organizations. This fact is causing university centers to become the main claim of recruiters for the selection of highly qualified personnel in their companies. This trend, which means that companies are constantly searching for talent to be able to manage their daily work, only underscores the importance of academic training for future employees.

ESERP Business & Law School is very aware of the Trinidad and Tobago Email List priority of offering its students the best services to ensure that their training is complete. Implementing new technologies in the classroom and making innovative and dynamic platforms available to students are vital elements to strengthen teaching, learning and their professional skills. ESERP, in its firm commitment to apply the latest technological resources, renews its online Employment Portal (ESERP Job Portal) to adapt to the new challenges of the labor market. With the collaboration of Job Teaser, a profound transformation process has been carried out to offer the students and alumni of the school a multitude of advantages with a dynamic tool and with more resources. Companies select the best candidates and can improve the brand profile Through the constant collaboration of ESERP with a multitude of prestigious companies and entities, a space is created where people are the most important thing. The environment of the company and university creates a team; They are not independent spaces, but are directly connected. Students and university students who enroll each year in a training itinerary dream of being able to practice their profession in the future or to be able to apply for more prestigious positions within companies. The field of organizations or companies is a point of inspiration for students who want to add their value to this medium.

ESERP Job Portal also offers enormous benefits for companies. In addition to offering professional opportunities for the companies themselves, both full-time and internships, it allows you to gain visibility with new ESERP talents and with alumni around the world. The agile and intuitive platform has one more added value for companies, since promoting company ideas and videos also improves the brand profile. Exclusive job offers for students and alumni of our school With ESERP Job Portal you can get to know companies in detail, with videos and job files, as well as information about their recruitment policy. The quality of the tool and the agility in the processes are the main characteristics of this new portal, which in a few minutes makes it easier for the user to present themselves as a candidate for the company of their choice .

ESERP Job Portal offers many more functionalities and also maximizes the future possibilities of students and alumni. Among the many and varied advantages, there is the virtual contact that can be established directly with the recruiters and the attendance to career orientation events that will launch the professional career of the students. In addition to the forums, articles, news and the recruitment sessions and the different workshops, it is possible to define the search criteria in the personal space and access the job offers, many of them exclusive to companies collaborating with the school. Access to internship and first job offers, both nationally and internationally This renewed ESERP employment portal is designed for the employability and professional development of students and alumni. Thanks to ESERP Job Portal you will be able to access internship and first job offers, both nationally and internationally, from the most prestigious and best valued companies. Today, there are 1739 active organizations on the platform, which is available in Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, German and French. Likewise, and in an increasingly hyper-connected world, immediacy plays a fundamental role: users have the ease of being able to access the platform by downloading the Job Teaser application on their mobile and thus find out about the latest job market offers at any time.

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